Setting the Ethical Bar for Bloggers

by Dennis September 27, 2012

Beyond the preponderance of a doubt, membership in new media’s blogosphere has its privileges.  Preferential treatment, increased levels of access, and recognition by a team that we cover translate to a higher order of unique content available on this blog.  As we’ve all learned from Spider-Man “with great power comes great responsibility”.  That idea could […]

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Baseball and BACON!

by Dennis September 25, 2012

We now stand on the cusp of a great void.  We face both a shortage of baseball and an absence of the salty elixir of life known as bacon.  MLB’s scheduled time away from us happens every year, and it will return to us after many cold winter months of mourning.  Bacon has given us […]

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By The Numbers

by Dennis September 24, 2012

153 games down and 9 to go with the Cardinals owning a 2 1/2 game lead over the Brewers for the 2nd wild card spot in the National League.  Ironically, that’s exactly the same advantage that the Braves held last year over the Cardinals with 9 games to play.  That didn’t work out so well […]

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That Must Be A Record Or Something

by Dennis September 20, 2012

David Freese and Yadier Molina both hit the 20 HR mark last night.  Based on the practically palpable excitement on the internets, this must have been a record or something.  It was.  The St. Louis Cardinals as a franchise has been around since prehistoric times – 1882 to be exact (that’s what we call the […]

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Curved Heat

by Dennis September 19, 2012

If you watched the Cardinals game last night, you may have heard broadcasters Rick Horton and Dan McLaughlin making remarks about Jason Motte‘s appearance in the 9th inning.  Under normal circumstances, a closer coming into the game to protect a 3-run lead would not generate a significant amount of conversation.  Motte’s appearance certainly merited no […]

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Hump Day Poll: Pick 1 Individual Achievement

by Dennis September 19, 2012

The baseball gods have granted you 1 and only 1 baseball wish, and you cannot use that wish to ask for more wishes.  The only real “rule” that limits you is that you are limited to 1 individual achievement in a single calendar year.  Given some of the coolest individual achievements in baseball to choose […]

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Bits of Tid and Other Hipster Yadi Miscellanea

by Dennis September 19, 2012

When you your mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention, you must somehow dictate those thought particles or risk losing them forever.  Think of it as “situational blogging”.  The nearly inevitable post of random unrelated pieces of information and theories of quantum baseball mechanics basically amounts […]

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Work Excuses for Friday

by Dennis September 18, 2012

Feeling like you may have a touch of the 96-hour flu coming on?  Have a tummy ache that seems destined to make you feel tethered to your bathroom for a few days?  Decided you cannot possibly miss Chris Carpenter’s return to the rotation at 1:20pm on Friday against the Cubs?  Wait….wut? Obviously Mike Matheny wasn’t […]

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The Crawl to the Finish Line

by Dennis September 17, 2012

If you agree that the MLB season represents a marathon and not a sprint, then the last 15-16 games must represent the last 2.6 miles to the finish line.  Unless you can expand your finishing kick over that kind of distance, then a good portion of that can become more of a crawl than a […]

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Fun With Numbers, Magical Ones

by Dennis September 14, 2012

Calculating the “magic number” for playoff contenders was so very simple just a few decades ago.  Do the math for 2 divisions in the NL, do it for the 2 divisions in the AL, and “voila!” you were done.  Then Bud Selig came along and ruined the whole thing.  Okay, Emperor Bud does not deserve […]

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