Tao of Pu – Part Deux

by Dennis September 13, 2012

Reading tea leaves, seeking answers in Tarot cards, and checking your horoscope provide no greater insight into the future than a Magic 8 Ball.  Even that fortune cookie you crack open on occasion carries no more weight than a roll of the dice.  Regardless, there are still times when life requires you to weigh perceived […]

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Vote for Skip

by Dennis September 12, 2012

No kidding around this time.  Just click the link and vote for Skip.  Skip Schumaker is the nominee representing the Cardinals in the annual Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award voting.  Maybe you have no idea who Marvin Miller was.  Maybe you know nothing about the award.  That’s fine.  Please vote for Skip anyway.  […]

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Requiem For A Puma

by Dennis September 12, 2012

If Lance Berkman‘s knee surgery indeed turns out to be the straw that broke the Big Puma’s back, then so be it.  Berkman can look back at 14 seasons of Major League Baseball with a lot of pride and likely few (if any) regrets.  Rather than soulfully mourn his career with some overly dramatic soliloquy, […]

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UCB 2012 Descends Upon Baseball Heaven

by Dennis September 10, 2012

It only seems fair to start off with a big “Thank You” to the St. Louis Cardinals organization for taking the time and making the effort to draw the United Cardinal Bloggers out of basements long enough to attend one of those fancy events where everyone wears pants.  In all seriousness, Ron Watermon, Lindsey Weber, […]

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What is the opposite of TOOTBLAN? ARTALAN.

by Nick September 7, 2012

Ok, to be fair, what I’m about to lay on you folks isn’t a perfect equal and opposite of the TOOTBLAN, because the TOOTBLAN specifically does not incorporate caught stealing – but I’m going to use it in this case because I think the theory behind it still applies… How can a Major League Manager […]

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Breaking Bad: Adam Wainwright

by Dennis September 6, 2012

Adam Wainwright went 5-0 in his first 5 starts in August with a tidy 1.47 ERA and .203 batting average against, and he looked to some as though he had finally made it all the way back from his Tommy John surgery.  Then he blew up his last 2 starts to the tune of 11 […]

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Breaking Out The Fancy Sweatpants

by Dennis September 4, 2012

That’s right.  We’re breaking out the “fancy” sweatpants for a shindig that starts this coming Saturday, and no expense shall be spared in the process (and by that I mean I’m getting my sweatpants dry-cleaned for the occasion).  The Cardinals have plans to host the United Cardinal Bloggers at Busch Stadium.  Shocking, but the organization […]

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Devil’s Advocate: Jon Jay vs The Gold Glove

by Dennis September 1, 2012

Jon Jay plays center field with the same fearless disrespect for inertia and personal safety that Jim Edmonds had when he played the same position years ago.  Maybe that’s why so many fans in St. Louis believe Jon Jay deserves a Gold Glove award this year.  Maybe he does, and maybe he doesn’t.  Carefully consider […]

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Remember That Earned Run The Cardinals Scored?

by Dennis August 31, 2012

The last earned run the Cardinals scored came on Monday evening in the top of the 6th inning against the Pirates.  Matt Holliday hit a home run off of A.J. Burnett, and that’s the last time the team scored an earned run.  Since that moment, opponents hold a 22-0 earned run advantage.  So, during the […]

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No MVP in the Cards This Year

by Dennis August 30, 2012

Barring a statistical collapse by the likes of Andrew McCutchen and David Wright, the possibility of someone from the Cardinals taking home the NL MVP hardware this year seems remote at best.  That does not necessarily mean that one or more players has not earned the right to be mentioned in the MVP debate, but […]

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