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Over at Baseball Think Factory, my ESPN Insider colleague Dan Szymborski has been dutifully unfurling his most wonderful ZiPS projections for the upcoming season. Forecasts for our Cardinals, beloved possessors of belt and title, can be found here. So let’s talk about the hitters, shall we? Click to enlarge and regard: ZiPS, to my mind, […]

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Happy New Year

by on December 31, 2011 · 1 comment

The worst of winter is yet to come. The world economy threatens to totter and fall. Albert is an Angel. All about us is football. But, lo, the past shall console us until a better future comes along! So as you reflect upon 2011 and its many afflictions, take time for this little moment …

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This is a story without a villain: I’m not angry at Albert Pujols. How can I be after all this? He’s provided us with too many impossible moments to chronicle and ferried us to a pair of championships. The past is unchanged, as some philosopher said at some point, probably in the original French. All […]

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