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Pitchers Hit Eighth – or PH8 – is a fan-run, fan-written blog about the St. Louis Cardinals baseball club.

We’ve got some great fans here, but also some great minds. You’ll find what we hope is an even mix of fan reaction and opinion, statistical analysis, and overall even-handed evaluation of our favorite ball team, the Cardinals.

Below are quick blurbs about the folks who will be writing what you folks will be reading here:

Nick (PH8) – Founder and Editor – @PitchersHit8th

As a displaced Cardinals fan – displaced in the worst of alternative locales, Chicago – I started Pitchers Hit Eighth in the spring of 2008 primarily as a means of forcing myself to keep up with the Redbirds. I purchased the domain, installed a blogging platform, purchased my MLB.tv subscription, and I was off and running. Certainly didn’t expect it to balloon into the daily obsession for me that it is now. While I’d prefer to be able to write all day every day about the Cards, I’ve got a lovely wife and brand new Cardinal fan that keep me busy as well. As such, the two guys you’ll learn about below do a great job making the site look great and providing top notch writing. Thanks for reading, and we sincerely hope you enjoy what we have to say.

Josh – @aprfool79

Third generation Cardinals fan who grew up right in the middle of the STL/CHC feud while in the Q-C. Of course my home town is now hosting a farm club, but I prefer looking at the positive just up the I-44 from Joplin. The SCards have a great park, play well in a tough league, and put on a good show. My girls are big fans (hopefully we’ll never see #4 or 5 in Springfield) and writing about all levels of St. Louis baseball keeps me sane no matter what far-off place I have called home. As an OIF Veteran, my thoughts are with all our men and women in the Military and here’s hoping the Cards give you all a positive distraction like it did for me in ’04 and ’06.

Dennis – @gr33nazn

Cardinals fan since I could hold a fishing pole steady.  Accidental blogger.  Opinionated yet open minded enough to accept new information in order to refine those opinions. Constantly confounded, bemused, and confuzzled (ie I’m a pc and a mac).  IT infrastructure analyst with a penchant for breaking tech toys.  Sabermetrically agnostic, but I don’t shy away from statistical analysis.  I love playing “All-powerful GM of MLB”.  The 2010 Cardinals represent a good, practical definition “cognitive dissonance”.  Pitchers and catchers can’t possibly report in 2011 soon enough for my liking.

Andrew – @andrewdmoses

Hello and thanks for reading. I am currently a student at Saint Louis University. This whole writing thing is still very new to me, but I can’t express enough how much I am enjoying it. From a baseball prospective, I try to write from a fair stance, being a combination of sabermetric statistics and personal observation. I am always searching to learn more about the game, and the world of sabermetrics certainly has expanded my horizons on how much there is out there to learn. Using advanced statistics are part of this game’s future, but the key is to use them for what they are most valuable for, being an addition to one’s opinion, not the basis. As a blog writer, I feel a certain obligation to chronicle the opinion, argument, cheers and cries of the fans, because that’s what I truly am; just a fan.

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