by Dennis July 31, 2012

The Cardinals just traded Zach Cox for Edward Mujica which naturally produced a “They did what to whom for how many cows?” response.  Obviously, this was not the megadeal many in Cardinal Nation were looking for, but it certainly has potential to be significantly better than nothing.  For the record, Cox was not exactly tearing […]

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No Sacred Cows Here

by Dennis July 30, 2012

Be realistic, and please admit that you have certain players you do not wish to see leave the Cardinals or the farm system.  For whatever your reasons, you have grown emotionally attached to 1 or more, and the thought of them in another team’s uniform amounts to baseball sacrilege.  Well, try setting aside those thoughts […]

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Sunday Special: Watch the Bouncing Ball

by Josh July 29, 2012

For the first time all season, the defending World Champs may have finally showed their hand leading up to the dog days ahead. No one truly knows which direction the Cardinals will turn but if you can read between the rumors, a picture paints itself with only a couple shopping days left. How pretty the […]

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So Excited About Olympic Baseball

by Dennis July 29, 2012

The International Olympic Committee possesses pretty much absolute power to run the Olympics any way the committee members see fit.  Of course, power corrupts, and absolute power potentially corrupts absolutely.  Such philosophical generalities and supposition mean nothing without legitimate issue worth debating.  Unfortunately for baseball and softball fans, the IOC has provided exactly the issue […]

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Suggested Sponsors for MLB Teams

by Dennis July 26, 2012

The latest kerfuffle in baseball involves the suggestion that MLB could allow corporate sponsorships of teams, and those sponsors would be allowed to place logos on uniforms.  While the idea most certainly has some appeal for the Emperor of the Dark Force, Bud Selig, it sounds like a horrible idea to most rationale people.  Would […]

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Standing Room Only for Baby Reesa

by Dennis July 20, 2012

Apparently, Skip’s generosity brings all the stars to the yard (or the church in this case).  The host of the charity event “STARS 4 Baby Reesa” worked with some St Louis and Mizzou sports favorites and an incredible team of volunteers from Sunrise UMC to create a miracle.  While the quick takeaway from the charity […]

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Not The News – Vol XIV

by Dennis July 17, 2012

Joe Kelly has a pretty good sinking fastball, and it’s helped him hold down a 2.70 ERA through his first 6 big league starts.  Little do people realize that Kelly perfected his sinker at altitude.  No, we’re not talking about pitching in Colorado with baseballs from a humidor.  Think just a bit higher.  That’s right.  […]

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Cardinal Nation Showing Baby Reesa Some Love

by Dennis July 16, 2012

The response to the “STARS 4 Baby Reesa” so far has been nothing short of overwhelming.  The wonderful people at Sunrise UMC who are coordinating this event have been going full speed and non-stop since early this morning.  Thank you for all your patience.  Despite what many people have said, there are still tickets available.  […]

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Frame C70 and Hang Him on the Wall

by Dennis July 14, 2012

If you follow my Twitter feed or have an unnatural fascination with my references to 8 lb burritos, you have probably seen references made to some of my favorite bloggers in the Cardinal National blogosphere.  I frequently refer to Bob Netherton (@CardinalTales) on Twitter as the “Bob Gibson of Bloggers” due to his engaging way […]

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The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

by Dennis July 12, 2012

With MLB nearing the end of the midsummer night’s bad dream, some members of Cardinal Nation have turned their respective attentions to ways to improve an already solid team enough to push it past the Reds and Pirates in the NL Central.  Some seem ready to consider just about anything, some want a big time […]

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