Best Fans in Baseball: NL West Bracket

by Dennis June 11, 2012

The BFIB voting moves to the NL West with one finalist, the Atlanta Braves, already determined.  Braves fans took first by a significant margin and scored over 50% of the vote in the first bracket.  Who will take the NL West?

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Best Fans In Baseball: NL East Bracket

by Dennis June 8, 2012

Think about it.  Who has the best fans in the National League East division?  For the record, “Cardinals” is NOT an answer for this one.  Sorry folks. Follow gr33nazn on Twitter to find out when the other 5 brackets will be released.

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Breaking Bad: Jaime Garcia

by Dennis June 7, 2012

Every armchair GM and amateur medical specialist seems to have formulated an opinion on why Jaime Garcia has struggled this season.  The ideas run the gamut from “Jaime is immature” to “Garcia has an undiagnosed medical condition” and back to “Jaime stinks”.  Despite the temptation to join the Cardinal Nation Ballpark Villagers with pitchforks, I […]

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Jon Garland, Michael Wacha and Draft Expectations

by HitTheCutoff June 6, 2012

You could practically hear the groans echoing through Cardinals Nation when the MLB Network graphic popped on screen for the team’s first pick in Monday’s draft. The selection, at No. 19 overall, was Texas A&M right-handed pitcher Michael Wacha. The comp listed for him by the MLBN broadcast was Jon Garland. Jon Garland? Oh, c’mon! […]

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UCB Progressive Game Blog – Cardinals at Mets: First Inning

by Nick June 2, 2012

Following last night’s struggle to hit Johan Santana, I’m not convinced that it’s a great thing for the Cards to come back and face a knuckleballer, but here we go… Top of the first inning Pitching for the Mets, R.A. Dickey Rafael Furcal: Raffy took one pitch for a strike and weakly ground the next […]

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Regression – The Silent Killer

by Dennis June 1, 2012

Ask a group of Cardinal fans about why the team sits 1.5 games behind the Reds in the NL Central division, and the 2 words most likely to appear in responses are “injuries” and “pitching”.  Certainly, injuries to key players have piled up and taken a toll on the team.  Losing both a pitching Carpenter […]

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Not The News – Volume XIII

by Dennis May 30, 2012

Cardinals attempt to rock the vote by swaying voters using rather old-fashioned tactics that involve sensory overload of some kind.  In this case, they have started the “Vote to send Cardinals to All-Star Game” ad campaign with a questionable list of choices.  According to this screenshot taken from the website just a few days […]

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Why Does It Feel So Good To Be So Wrong?

by Dennis May 26, 2012

  The seemingly rhetorical question may actually deserve an answer this time.  Why must reality dictate that what our brains believe to be “right” be so far on the bad side of “wrong”?  How can intuition fail so often?  More importantly, why do we lie to ourselves in an effort to convince ourselves (and others) […]

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Wedding Etiquette for Bloggers

by Dennis May 25, 2012

If you do not follow me on Twitter or live under a rock, you should know that 2 close friends of this blog have decided to get married.  Why?  Nobody knows for sure, but we have been assured that no shotguns will be involved, and they are not related in any way.  Sadly, some people […]

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Defense? Definitely, Maybe.

by Dennis May 24, 2012

Think the Cardinals have at least average to above average players at every position on the field?  Think again.  According to the metric “Team Runs Saved”, the Cardinals rank in a tie for 6th in the NL with a -4 runs saved for the season.  Ranking 6th out of 16 teams sounds pretty good, or […]

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