[Redbird Reveille] Mike Matheny is 1-0 as an Opening Day Manager

by Nick April 5, 2012

The Cardinals won on Opening Day, hooray! Quite the showcase last night for the Marlins, the City of Miami, and your World Champion Cardinals, eh? Some quick, stream-of-consciousness thoughts this morning: I’m happy for Mike Matheny, and clearly his players are too. Not that I was worried much about it personally, I think winning last […]

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Cardinals Announce Sponsorship with First National Bank of St. Louis

by Dennis April 5, 2012

CARDINALS ANNOUNCE SPONSORSHIP WITH FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ST. LOUIS FNB To Become Hometown Bank of Cardinals As Part of Three-Year Deal   ST. LOUIS (April 5, 2012) – The St. Louis Cardinals announced that they have signed a three-year partnership with First National Bank of St. Louis. The partnership positions First National as the […]

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April Baseball Schedule iPhone Lock Screen

by Dennis April 4, 2012

Make note that we are not giving away anything proprietary here (whatever that means).  The PH8 logo is property of PH8 and may be presented to any true Gryffindor in need of it.  The actual schedule is not even close to identical to the official ones released by the St. Louis Cardinals, so there is […]

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Defending Champs Highlight 3rd Season for PH8 League

by Josh April 4, 2012

Heading into a changing of the guard campaign, PH8 didn’t want to be left out of the fun. That’s why for 2012 our three loyal readers need to update their bookmarks to follow the fantasy fun. Two seasons at ESPN brought different champs (The Molina Brigade and Penny Can), and they both return anxious to […]

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These Are Predictions, Wrapped In A Burrito, Inside An Eminem

by Dennis April 4, 2012

Wrapped in misdemeanor, inside an enemy?  No. Rapped in Miracle Whip, inside an enema?  No. Never mind. The point here is that predictions are pretty much worth less than the pixels they are represented by, unless you happen to be dropping bets in Vegas.  Since I am not in Vegas, I’m going to stick with […]

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The Rules of Basebrawl

by Dennis April 3, 2012

Baseball has rules, and the core rules of the game do not change much from Little League to the big leagues.  Basebrawl on the other hand represents an entirely different animal.  The rules that cover basebrawls are part of the unwritten rules that are loosely defined and yet still associated tightly with the game of […]

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Go RED for Kids to Celebrate Opening Day

by Dennis April 2, 2012

Fans Throughout Cardinals Nation Urged to Go RED for Kids to Celebrate Opening Day Organizations asked to sponsor “Rally Everyone Days” (RED) to support team & Cardinals Care   ST. LOUIS (April 2, 2012) – To kick off the 2012 season and help celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the founding of Cardinals Care, the St. […]

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Vote for Your Favorite 2012 Cardinals TV Spot

by Dennis April 2, 2012

Based on the descriptions alone, the Waino in a shower ad probably had the most buzz, but the naked Fredbird under a towel was probably enough to kill that buzz.  Vote anyway, though. If you haven’t seen all the commercials, just click here.  Remember to return to PH8 to vote, though. Also, vote. Follow gr33nazn […]

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Achieving One Thousand

by Nick March 30, 2012

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times in this forum, the Baseball Reference Play Index is a wonderful – and at least for me, necessary – toy tool.  It allows a wide variety of searches, using an increasing-by-the-day number of qualifiers and options, to spit out an endless number of lists of statistical achievements. Today […]

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UCB 2012 AL Predictions

by Dennis March 29, 2012

When a deadline approaches for members of the United Cardinal Bloggers, we take it seriously.  Once the deadline passes, and we have failed to meet said deadline, then we all get serious about taking deadlines seriously.  Eventually we reach a point where someone basically has to force one of us to take one for the […]

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