These Are Predictions, Wrapped In A Burrito, Inside An Eminem

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Wrapped in misdemeanor, inside an enemy?  No.

Rapped in Miracle Whip, inside an enema?  No.

Never mind.

The point here is that predictions are pretty much worth less than the pixels they are represented by, unless you happen to be dropping bets in Vegas.  Since I am not in Vegas, I’m going to stick with the usual irrelevant predictions that most of you will forget by tomorrow.  Why go to the trouble?  Because I want to look back at this post in November and crow about how I absolutely nailed my predictions.  In reality, I’ll probably just try to forget that the whole sordid predictions thing ever even happened, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment.  On to the predictions.

NL West – Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Central – St Louis Cardinals

NL East – Philadelpha Phillies

WC1 – Giants

WC2 – Braves

Dumb Wild Card Championship Game Playoff Thingy – Giants over Braves

NLDS1 – Phillies over Giants

NLDS2 – Diamondbacks over Cardinals

NLCS – Phillies over Diamondbacks

AL West – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

AL Central – Detroit Tigers

AL East – New York Yankees

WC1 – Rangers

WC2 – Tampa Bay Rays

Dumb Wild Card Championship Game Playoff Thingy – Rangers over Rays

ALDS1 – Rangers over Tigers

ALDS2 – Yankees over Angels

ALCS – Rangers over Yankees

World Series – Rangers over Phillies

AL MVP – Robinson Cano

NL MVP – Matt Kemp

AL ROY – Matt Moore

NL ROY – Devin Mesocaro

AL Cy YoungJustin Verlander

NL Cy Young – Roy Halladay

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