It’s Not Easy Being Greene

by Dennis May 23, 2012

  Perhaps no Cardinals player receives more scrutiny day in, day out for performances in small sample sizes than Tyler Greene.  Greene has no shortage of detractors who have watched him struggle during his stretches at the major league level, and he has a dedicated group of fans who manage to find some reason for […]

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The Cognitive Dissonance of Cardinal Nation

by Dennis May 22, 2012

Evidence that many members of Cardinal Nation have already jumped the proverbial shark abounds, and the perception seems greatly deviated from the reality.  The Cardinals remain a division leading team, yet they have recently played like a farm club.  On paper, they still look like a potential playoff team.  On the field, they appear to […]

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by Dennis May 17, 2012

MARP = Matt Carpenter, because nicknames like “Mini Carp” and “Lil’ Carp” simply fail to do Matt justice.  Also, the very names themselves tend to diminish the less-established of the two players named Carpenter on the Cardinals.  Considering how little attention he has received to this point outside of Cardinal Nation, I doubt many people […]

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Win Cardinals tickets from the Sports Vacation Guys!

by Nick May 17, 2012

You visit this site (presumably) to read about the Cardinals, in large part because you are (presumably) a Cardinals fan. Maybe you’re just a baseball fan and happen to live in St. Louis.  That’s ok too, stick with me here. When the Sports Vacation Guys e-mailed asking if we’d like to help give away two […]

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Press Release: Cardinals First Annual Graduation Day At Busch Stadium

by Dennis May 16, 2012

CARDINALS FIRST ANNUAL GRADUATION DAY AT BUSCH STADIUM Tickets Include Pre-Game Graduation Parade on Field Prior to Game   ST. LOUIS, MO. (May 16, 2012) – The St. Louis Cardinals are inviting graduates of all ages to attend the first annual Graduation Day at Busch Stadium on Sunday, July 1. The event will allow recent […]

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Shyam Wow

by Dennis May 16, 2012

Major League Baseball has fired arbitrator Shyam Das after 13 years on the job.  His firing comes quickly on the heels of a vote that overturned the 100-game suspension of the Rockies’ AAA catcher, Eliezer Alfonzo.  Too bad the sack job comes several months too late to save baseball from 2 separate black eyes.  Alfonzo’s […]

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Witness For The Defense

by Dennis May 15, 2012

Have an opinion about a particular player, coach, manager, team, or franchise you wish to express?  Try tossing stones 140 characters at a time on Twitter, and then wait for every keyboard jockey with a view contrary to yours to find you.  Either nature or some universal law entitles everyone to their own opinion, and […]

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Tao of Pu

by Dennis May 14, 2012

At seemingly every opportunity, many baseball media members take the time on Twitter, TV, and sports websites to remind baseball information consumers that Albert Pujols remains in a slump of monumental proportions.  These people almost take delight in delivering bad news, and the degree to which some seem to revel in making these deliveries has […]

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The Cardinals Have A Math Problem

by Dennis May 12, 2012

  Indeed, the limitations of the 25 man roster impose certain constraints on the Cardinals that some teams do not have.  The Cardinals legitimately have greater than 25 players who have to varying degrees earned spots on the roster and potentially deserve some playing time.  For many teams, that “problem” represents a best-case scenario.  For […]

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Commish For A Day

by Dennis May 9, 2012

Imagine that you have been made commissioner of MLB for 1 day and have been granted all-powerful control to make 1 rule change that doesn’t have to be approved by anybody else.  What would you do?  What would you do?

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