Tweenie Birds

by Dennis May 9, 2012

Admit it.  The “Baby Birds” are no longer babies, if they ever really even were at all.  Maybe these guys seem new like a breath of fresh air, but most of them have been around more than a year or two.  Some of them have been in the organization for several years.  Consider some of […]

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Lance Lynn Brings High Heat To The Desert

by Dennis May 8, 2012

Just watch 1 Lance Lynn start, and you’ll notice that everything works off his four-seam fastball.  That’s the one that he threw 65 times last night for 38 strikes which translates to about a 58.46% strike rate.  Considering the fact that Lynn only threw 91 pitches, you might wonder why the Diamondbacks weren’t looking for […]

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Burning Cole Hamels

by Dennis May 7, 2012

So Cole Hamels admitted to throwing at Bryce Harper (MLB Baby Jebus) and was suspended today by MLB for 5 games.  The range of complaints starts with Nationals’ GM Rizzo who called Hamels “fake tough” to everybody and their alien half-brother calling for a much longer suspension.  Naturally, some people out there will suggest that […]

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Al Hrabosky – Ballpark Village Idiot

by Dennis May 6, 2012

I rarely question the veracity of something an ex-MLB player says when he speaks within the sphere of his expertise.  Such is rarely the case with Al Hrabosky, and that is no small secret among fans of Cardinals baseball.  As of late, Hrabosky has taken a certain inexplicable disliking to the way some base runners […]

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Oh No Mo

by Dennis May 4, 2012

  As if you were not already aware, Mariano Rivera was injured while shagging fly balls during batting practice before the Yankees game against the Royals.  According to early reports (including Joe Girardi‘s press conference), the word is that Rivera tore his ACL and damaged part of his meniscus.  Rivera is now done for the […]

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30 Games At 30 Parks In 30 Ways

by Dennis May 2, 2012

If you are not already familiar with the story of RJ Breisacher, then now is the time to spend 10 minutes learning about the man.  If you asked him, he would probably tell you that he is not the least bit exceptional in any way.  He comes across as a very forward, honest, and humble […]

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2012 Busch Stadium Survival Guide

by Dennis May 1, 2012

Baseball games are meant to be a lot of fun, but there are many obstacles and challenges that can add stress to your day at the ballpark.  Every misstep or wrong turn has the potential to consume valuable time and make you the source of foul language that would make a sailor blush.  Don’t be […]

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135 Is A Serious-er-er Number

by Dennis April 30, 2012

That’s right.  The magic number for the Cardinals to eliminate the Chicago Cubs from the NL Central division title is 135.  That would still leave the Cubs with a shot at the wild card, but it really is never too early to start taking shots at how bad the Cubs are.  Why?  Why not?  Also, […]

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Incredible Game 6 YouTube compilation video

by Nick April 26, 2012

[UPDATE: I’ve added another video in the comments below, per request. It is also completely awesome. Don’t forget to scroll down after you’ve watched the first one!] This might be the coolest thing you’ll watch all day, especially since the Cardinals are off today. Sent in to PH8 HQ by the video’s creator, identified as […]

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Please Remain Seated on the Redbird Bandwagon

by Dennis April 24, 2012

Also, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times until the bandwagon comes to a complete stop.  Make sure you seats and tray tables are in the fully upright and locked positions.  In the unlikely event of a water landing, Logan Morrison‘s ego may be used as a flotation device. It may […]

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