Incredible Game 6 YouTube compilation video

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[UPDATE: I’ve added another video in the comments below, per request. It is also completely awesome. Don’t forget to scroll down after you’ve watched the first one!]

This might be the coolest thing you’ll watch all day, especially since the Cardinals are off today.

Sent in to PH8 HQ by the video’s creator, identified as TeleVicious, what you’ll see below is a compilation of fan-made 2011 World Series Game 6 videos. More specifically, fan reactions – both from the ballpark and the couch – to David Freese’s (and Lance Berkman’s, lest we forget) heroics in that game.

Be forewarned, there is some choice language in the video, as one might imagine. We typically try to keep things clean here at PH8 (we do it for the kids!), but felt this video was worth sharing. So if you can sneak some time away from young ears and the boss, and can deal with some choice words brought to you by the letter F…

Watch the video after the jump.

NOTE: This video contains NSFW language. But it’s so worth it.

Chills, goose bumps, eyes welling up a bit even – all over again.

I really enjoyed the quick switches to all the different perspectives from the ballpark at the same moment.

The guy just lying on the floor laughing hysterically at around 7:20 might as well have been me, I think I was doing the same exact thing.

Thanks to TeleVicious for the work putting this together and emailing the link.

What was your favorite part/reaction in the video? Leave a note below or find me on Twitter @PitchersHit8th.

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Dennis April 26, 2012

Nice work. Pretty sure they missed the part where I’m laying on the floor crying/laughing like a turtle that has been flipped over on its shell, though.

PH8 April 27, 2012

You too, huh?

harry connoyer April 26, 2012

smiles all over again, how great it is to be a CARDINAL FAN!!!!!!!!

PH8 April 27, 2012

It’s the best, Harry. Just the best. Thanks for reading.

Christine April 26, 2012

Awesome! Glad I waited until tonight to watch this too, as the mascara on my cheeks from crying would not have been a good look outside of my house.

PH8 April 27, 2012

Seriously, I have to stop watching this video. I think YouTube has already stopped counting me as a “view” on it because they think I’m a spammer.

Anna May 2, 2012

this is great!! there was also a similar video going around on twitter with a very cool song in the background that showed reactions to games six and seven. They were showing it in the stadium on the TVs by the concession stands tonight! I wish I could find that one too. Love reliving those games!

PH8 May 2, 2012

Anna, somehow I had missed the video I assume you’re referring to until I was pointed in the right direction by a friendly Cardinal…

Is it this one?

Kevin Riner May 2, 2012

This NEVER gets old!!!!!!

PH8 May 2, 2012

Probably should create a repository of all of them – clicking on the “related” videos with them on YouTube is like a several day wormhole…

Anna May 2, 2012

That’s it!!! I love that one!!

Ted Oliver May 7, 2012

Thank you! I love this video. I was performing at a Dueling Pianos club in Detroit that night. My fellow players told me to go watch the game, because I was obviously worthless on stage. I watched it in a corner of the bar with NO SOUND (high def though). Tiger fans were giving me good natured s***when the Cards were down 7-4. I will never forget that night and even thought I wasn’t there, I celebrated for myself and all Cardinal Nation. I never knew a baseball game could feel so good.

Bonnie May 15, 2012

This one game may have spawned a whole new generation of Cardinal Nation much in the same way as the 64 World Series made sure there would be no gap in the fan base of Cardinal Nation.

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