Remember Game 6? Relive it by winning Game 6 on Blu-Ray!

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Don’t worry David, the ball clears the wall.

It’s not really necessary for me to include the year is it?

David Freese made a name for himself (and probably millions of dollars, soon?) and found himself on the cover – that’s it at the right – of an A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions package of one of “Baseball’s Greatest Games: 2011 World Series, Game 6“.

Still bummed about the way the 2012 NLCS ended?  Bored with no baseball on for another few months?  Need something to keep you warm through the holidays?

Look no further than ol’ PH8.  We’re your huckleberry.

Courtesy of the good folks at A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions, we’ve got two copies of Game 6 on Blu-Ray (and DVD’s are included too, so be sure to enter even if you don’t have a Blu-Ray player!) to give away.  FOR FREE.

So here’s the deal: post your Game 6 story in the comments below.  We’ll pick a couple of the best and ship you the discs.

For instance, my story is this…

I was watching the game by myself, in my basement (naturally, right?), and by the time the ninth inning had rolled around I was well into the process of convincing myself that the Cardinals had made a great run and losing in the World Series to a sort-of-juggernaut Texas Rangers team wasn’t so bad.  Then the first Freese happened.  Then the second one.  I screamed a lot, and woke up a sleeping child two stories up.  I received phone calls at close to midnight from many, including my father-in-law.  There are several videos about YouTube showing fan reactions, one of which is a guy rolling around on his back like a turtle and cackling – that may as well have been me on the floor of my basement, relishing an improbable win.  Then remembering there was another game to be played.  Fun.

Tell us your story in the comments below, and you might win a copy of Game 6 that you can watch and have the same reaction all over again.

We’ll close the contest at 5pm CT tomorrow (Tues 12/11) night and announce the winners shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

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Matt December 10, 2012

I watched game 6 from my recliner at home. My wife sat in her usual spot on the couch. These were our winning seats, we were in our winning clothes, and we were drinkIng our winning drinks. I also had Torty, our kids’ stuffed turtle, sitting on my lap. Since our girls weren’t old enough to stay up for the late games, they made sure Torty watched it for them, and he had turned out to be quite a lucky turtle. Torty and I became more and more grumpy as the game progressed. Too much sloppy play, on both sides, not how we wanted the season to end.

Following both tying hits, I had to pick myself up off the floor, though I do not recall how I got there. When Freese tried to grow a baseball tree in the center field grass, I had no choice but to run out onto my back deck and wake the neighbors, better them than the kids.

Next thing I know, my wife and I are online working out a babysitter and finding game 7 tickets. In order to sell this plan to our kids, we took Torty with us, and he had an amazing night.

Rick December 10, 2012

After flying from Montana to St. Louis for Games 1 & 2 (and watching most of game 3 from airport bars) I was understandably anxious for Game 6 (on top of my strong support for the Cards was the bold prediction that had become a friendly wager between myself and my English students–that the winner of the Cards/Phillies series would win the World Series). In my apartment alone, I watched horrified as the Rangers struck first and jubilantly when Puma returned fire in the bottom of the same inning. Needless to say, the rollar-coaster of emotion didn’t stop there.

Like many others, I found myself throughout the game in a wide range of emotion; from a deep, dark depression to trying to convince myself that we’d had a good run. The mental up and downs soon became physical up and downs as I began to leap into the air, storm around my tiny apartment and fall back into my seat more times than I should probably admit to.

This over-exuberance found its way into the bottom of the 9th when, faced with two outs and two strikes I sat on my knees in front of the television, practically begging it for a miracle.

Turns out, I got two of them and I’m pretty sure that’s when the neighbors started to hate me. 11 o’clock at night and I’m running around the room roaring over the boom of the TV celebrations; both shocked and awed at what I’d just saw.

I think it would take a lot more space to adequately sum up my experience that night because of the wide range of personal memories and associations that go along with the Cardinals, that World Series and Game 6 in general, but to sum it all up I guess you could say that it was–in a word–Amazing.

Steve December 10, 2012

I was at the game with my girlfriend. At the end of the seventh inning the three people setting next to her got up, looked at us and said “it’s over” and left. At one point in the last three innings I started to hyperventilate and had to sit down. I caused my girlfriend to get a large bruise on her leg while jumping up and down and this was all before Freeses home run!!!! After Freese hit his dinger I was hugging other fans. I told one we should trade addresses because we had shared such a life changing moment!! This year I bought my girlfriend (who got the Game 6 tickets free) an authentic game jersey that is number 6 with the name “GAME” on the back.

Stephen Copper December 10, 2012

I watched Game Six where I watched e dry other game of the 2011 playoff run, from the TV room of my fraternity house in Auburn, AL (War Eagle!!) with the other pride and joy of St Louis in my right hand, I’m speaking, of course, of an ice cold Budweiser.
Being from Central Alabama, and going to school in east central Alabama, I had grown accustomed to being the only person even remotely interested in the Cards. (most everybody else was a Braves fan.) But by this time in the playoff run, I was joined by a group of the more adamant baseball fan fraternity brothers. By the ninth inning, I had begun to hear the ridicule from the aforementioned group because of the imminent defeat of my beloved Redbirds, but of course, me being a true fan, I never have up hope.
First Albert got on, then The Big Puma followed suit, and with 2 out, the season came down to a man who finished his college baseball career in my state, (University of South Alabama, for those who didn’t know).
When the ball went off the bat, my unfinished beer went flying, covering those sitting near me, as I leapt from the chair and waved Albert and Lance around just as enthusiactly as Jose was.
When Lance crossed the plate, I took off on a lap of joy, screaming at the top of my lungs.
The 12th inning comes around… Same story, different chapter.
Except this time, I was joined by my entire chapter, and instead of one beer going flying, unfortunately, it was an entire six-pack…
The celebration lasted long into the night, or so I assume…
That night was one of the top three nights of my college career, up there battling for the top spot with a national championship football win.
Go Cards!!

Emily December 10, 2012

I was in the lobby of my college dorm up here in Kansas City super bummed that I couldn’t be back home in St.Louis for the series. And I was starting to get a little bummed when things started going downhill but as any true cardinals fan I stuck it out till the end and as we all know it paid off!! At the beginning we had about 5 people watching but slowly people passing through the lobby were drawn to the action (and most of them were Royals fans but I think we converted them)and we ended up with at least 25 people watching by the ninth inning when all the magic happened. As I said before only a few of us were actually cardinals fans but every single person in that lobby went crazy! The R.A. working the front desk came down and threatened to turn the tv off if we didn’t calm down he said calls were coming in from as much as 2 floors above us saying it sounded like people were being murdered downstairs,but we didn’t care. Then after we won it in the 11th the guy at the front desk just came down and celebrated with us. It was definitely the most memorable night of my freshman year of college and all of the smack talk I endured around campus when I wore cardinals gear was totally worth it now, because no one could say anything.

Mason Gates December 12, 2012

As someone who was in Missouri when I fell in love with baseball, and then moved to North Texas and became a Rangers fan too, this is the game when I had to choose between the two teams. I chose the Cards, but I will never forget the beer that hit me in the back in Denton, TX when the winning run was drove in.

PH8 December 17, 2012

Good news everyone. I can’t decide on two best stories, so you all win. Expect e-mail from me today or tomorrow to get shipping addresses!

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