There Is Not Always A Wrong Answer

by Dennis April 20, 2012

Every once in a while the intertubez become so abuzz with ridiculous disinformation that I take it upon myself to wipe clean the slate of human ignorance.  I then replace the ignorance with absolutely nothing but my own opinion via pontification of the blogging sort.  It’s a sordid approach, but it works. I will start […]

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Mitchell Boggs and the Consistent Delivery

by Nick April 18, 2012

I love it when post titles double as a band name.  And vice versa. As long ago as Spring Training 2010, Mitchell Boggs was searching for a consistent, repetitive delivery that would bring him success in his newfound role as a relief pitcher. From that post at Matthew Leach’s blog, Dave Duncan had this to […]

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A Tribute to MVFreese in Pictures

by Dennis April 16, 2012

With many thanks to the folks at FHS Entertainment, I received an invitation to attend the “World Series Tribute to David Freese” event held at Mike Shannon’s restaurant last Thursday.  The event was organized to raise money for David Freese’s charity of choice the Ronald McDonald House. World Series MVP and hometown hero David Freese, […]

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Duck and Cover: Cardinals Disaster Preparedness

by HitTheCutoff April 15, 2012

In this crazy world of ours, where nuclear war could break out at any moment, one must be ready for the worst at all times. Baseball is no different, and if any team should be doing as many duck-and-cover drills as infield drills, it’s the Cardinals. This is part of the deal when you stock […]

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5-2 Roadtrip Not Good Enough For Some Fans

by Dennis April 11, 2012

Sure, I imagine most Cardinal fans want the team to win just about every game they watch.  Heck, they may want them to win every single game they watch.  If you expect either to happen, then you are indeed a fool, and a fool and the team’s bandwagon are soon parted.  Games like the one […]

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[Redbird Reveille] Lohse to Boggs to Motte

by Nick April 11, 2012

Get used to that combination, in that order, Cards fans. Something tells me we may see plenty of wins from it this season. Remember when Mitchell Boggs said at the Winter Warm-Up that he “could compete with anybody” and expected himself to be “really good”? I do, and I think Mike Matheny was listening too. […]

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Imagine Having Every Cardinal Game On Every Device You Own

by Dennis April 10, 2012

Seriously, just imagine having access to Cardinal games on your iPhone, Android device, iPod, iPad, laptop, every tv in your home, Macbook, and even the navigation screen in your car.  How much would that be worth to you, especially if you never had to worry about another blackout again?

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[Redbird Reveille] Lance Lynn, converted reliever

by Nick April 9, 2012

Another series win (one game against the Marlins counts, right?) for the home team, and in-division against another predicted challenger for the division title, and the Cards leave Milwaukee at 3-1 heading to Cincy. There was a lot to like this weekend, and then a tip-of-your-cap day on Saturday when Zack Greinke silenced the Cardinal […]

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by Dennis April 7, 2012

I make no claim regarding my ability to hit a Justin Verlander or a Jason Motte fastball, and I have no illusions about my ability to manage a major league game.  I have a face for radio and a voice for the shower.  I am simply a fan who writes about baseball so that our […]

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Evaluating the Biggest Contracts in MLB History

by Dennis April 6, 2012

I owe you dear readers a qualifier.  This is really about some of the largest contracts in baseball history that were signed prior to 2011, because it might be a tad bit early to grade that Votto deal for $225M with the ink still wet. Alex Rodriguez (Yankees) – 10 years for $275M signed in […]

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