[Redbird Reveille] Lohse to Boggs to Motte

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Get used to that combination, in that order, Cards fans. Something tells me we may see plenty of wins from it this season.

  • Remember when Mitchell Boggs said at the Winter Warm-Up that he “could compete with anybody” and expected himself to be “really good”? I do, and I think Mike Matheny was listening too. The manager has shown and expressed great confidence in Boggs and he is succeeding.
  • Dan and Al mentioned on the broadcast last night that the Cardinal coaches have Boggs coming more over the top in his delivery this season, which may explain my observation from Sunday that he looked like he was “standing up” in his release.
  • Kyle Lohse is 2-0 and continuing to pitch as well as he did in camp. Kyle says suck it, haters.
  • Matheny is seemingly still pulling the right strings, but it’s hard to tell with a club playing this well.
  • It will be interesting to see how folks react the first time the new skip botches one. Everything’s peachy when you’re winning five of six, but those “ugh, rookie” comments are lurking just below the surface.
  • Carlos Beltran. Just like saying that name right now.
  • Lance Berkman should have just stayed at second! As it is, strained calf likely keeps him day-to-day for a week or so.
  • I’m beginning to wonder if Skip Schumaker’s return will see him getting more time at second base than previously thought. Daniel Descalso and Tyler Greene are certainly holding the position down defensively, but if and when the Cards need a little more out of that position’s bat…
  • Where are the fans in Cincinnati? At home doing long division trying to figure out how much money Bob Castellini spent this week?
  • Team looks really loose right now, a credit to both the coaching staff and the players. Really liking the transition to Derek Lilliquist as pitching coach, in large part because it seemingly hasn’t been much of a transition at all.

Gotta love morning baseball, first pitch in a few hours from GABP.

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Sir Sci April 11, 2012

Bogg’s stuff looked nasty awesome yesterday. I look forward to seeing more of that.

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