[Redbird Reveille] Lance Lynn, converted reliever

by on April 9, 2012 · 8 comments

Another series win (one game against the Marlins counts, right?) for the home team, and in-division against another predicted challenger for the division title, and the Cards leave Milwaukee at 3-1 heading to Cincy.

There was a lot to like this weekend, and then a tip-of-your-cap day on Saturday when Zack Greinke silenced the Cardinal bats.

Regarding Sunday’s 9-3 Cardinal victory…

  • Lance Lynn is still NOT a converted reliever. You three loyal readers and anyone who follows me on Twitter knows this is a pet peeve of mine. Ryan Braun on Lynn:

    I was surprised that somebody could transition from the bullpen to a starter and maintain his stuff

    Now, Braun could be excused, it’s not his job to know Lynn’s history. But “converted reliever” and “former reliever” from guys paid to know (or at least research) this stuff is just lazy, IMO. The AP got it right, and all they had to do was – GASP – ask Lynn, himself. Or read Jenifer Langosch’s recap where the manager says Lynn is a long-term starter. Am I arguing semantics because his big-league career has been primarily as a reliever? Probably. But let’s not pretend like Lynn is coming into this starting pitching thing green.

  • Oh, by the way, Lynn was really good yesterday. Maintained velocity, located his fastball well, kept control of the game.
  • Having Corey Hart healthy could be as important to the Brewers’ fortunes this season as having Braun’s suspension overturned.
  • I think Randy Wolf could be the next Jamie Moyer. How he gets late swings on an 88 mph fastball is beyond me.
  • So when do we start putting stock into Rafael Furcal‘s hot start? Don’t want to overreact, am guarded against it, but bunches of three-hit games get hard to ignore.
  • Is it just me, or does Matt Carpenter always look like he could shank someone at any time? All business on that mug. (Side note: I like that the Cardinals do not use first initials on the back when players have the same last name. That’s what numbers are for.)
  • Happy for Shane Robinson – been a long comeback from that horrific collision. Excellent hitting display for him yesterday, and showing why he made the club.
  • Mitchell Boggs‘ mechanics looked different to me, like he’s standing up straight when he releases instead of driving over that front leg. Is this new? Yesterday was the first time I noticed it, or at least that pronounced.
  • So, um, this Carlos Beltran cat is settling in nicely.
  • Mike Matheny isn’t going to endear himself to the Tony haters that despised the Getaway Day lineups, but I reckon if they continue to put up nine runs on Sunday afternoons, the haters won’t be too vocal.

More divisional games starting tonight in Cincinnati, and we’ll get to find out early in the season if the dislike between these two teams left with the former manager or if they can all find new reasons to stir the pot.

All of these divisional games make April a very important month for the Central clubs, glad to see the Cards out ahead of things already. Keep scoring runs!

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