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@C70 and @poisonwilliam are awake….maybe,

That’s right.  We’re breaking out the “fancy” sweatpants for a shindig that starts this coming Saturday, and no expense shall be spared in the process (and by that I mean I’m getting my sweatpants dry-cleaned for the occasion).  The Cardinals have plans to host the United Cardinal Bloggers at Busch Stadium.  Shocking, but the organization has actually done this once before, and yet we’re still being invited back.

The inaugural event took place on the Sunday of opening weekend in 2011, and the team went on to win the World Series.  I’m not saying that’s the sole reason we’ve been invited back, but baseball folk tend to be more than just a tad superstitious.  The event included a Q&A event with General Manager, John Mozeliak, who has either forgotten/repressed memories of that experience or has graciously decided to indulge us anyway.  Regardless, the man, the myth, the legend that is Mo will once again be there along with Bill DeWitt III to answer the most preposterous and ridiculous questions we can send their way.  Naturally, we’ll be happy to oblige.

As you might imagine, the real magic of spending some time with people you primarily get to know via social media platforms lies in the opportunity to create a really large “tweetup” of people who eat, sleep, and breathe Cardinal baseball.  The opportunity to put 2 of Cardinal Nation’s best storytellers together (@CardinalTales and @retrosimba) and listen to them discuss a bygone era of Cardinal baseball must be documented in some way.  The same might be said for getting @C70 and @poisonwilliam together, because putting the “Blogfather” and the “King of Shameless Self-Promotion” in the same room never ends the way one might expect.  Daniel (C70) is Kim to Bill’s (@poisonwilliam) Khloe….or vice versa.  You just have to see it to understand.

Here’s the kicker.  You can see it in-person.  Just contact either of them via Twitter and let them know that you want to throw away a perfectly good Saturday evening (September 8th) with a bunch of people you wouldn’t want to trust with rental cars.  We’ll be meeting at the restaurant formerly known as “Pujols 5”.  We met there last year as well (bloggers can be superstitious too).  If you attend, here is what you can expect.

  • All the guys will be wearing shorts or pants, especially @Dathan7 after the “incident” last year.
  • @DJ_McClure will be giving a demo on live-tweeting an event from a kiosk set up in the restroom.  It’s not that he’s the resident expert on the topic – we just want him to prove that he can type.
  • The event officially begins when @tarawellman sings the National Anthem accompanied by someone playing the spoons.  I kid.  It will more likely be either a mouth harp or a
  • @C70 will give the traditional 30-minute welcoming address which will be followed by a mystery guest blogger who will enter the building carrying a large fire-making device to be used for lighting the UCB Cauldron.  The cauldron will stay lit through the evening with the aid of donated “Albert Pujols” jerseys and memorabilia featuring Mark Mulder.
  • The welcoming address and cauldron lighting are followed by a brief, 11-minute intermission which precedes the “airing of grievances” amongst the bloggers.
  • Following the witty exchange of insults, the bloggers will don uniforms (or at least shirseys) and re-enact games 6 of the 2011 World Series.  This re-enactment should end as the game did, unless @C70 injures himself trying to duplicate David Freese’s famous triple to tie the game.  If not, it will surely end when he attempts to slam the batting helmet between his own legs.
  • There will be much fooding and plenty of meat and drink for all.
  • There may or may not be a lot of talk about baseball.

If you are not familiar with the United Cardinal Bloggers (UCB), then I invite you to check out the group’s website here.  Through the efforts of our fearless leader, Daniel Shoptaw, a large number of blogs that focus on the St. Louis Cardinals have somehow aggregated themselves into a ragtag collection of passionate writers on the virtual island of misfit basement dwellers.  Amazingly enough, this group includes some rather talented people who spend a lot of time on writing, broadcasting, and delivering updates about the latest developments of interest to Cardinal Nation.  At PH8, we consider ourselves fortunate to be counted among the active members in this group, and we’re thrilled at the prospect of giving our 3 loyal readers ready access to even more blather and drivel than we can host in a single place.

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