Hump Day Poll: Pick 1 Individual Achievement

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The baseball gods have granted you 1 and only 1 baseball wish, and you cannot use that wish to ask for more wishes.  The only real “rule” that limits you is that you are limited to 1 individual achievement in a single calendar year.  Given some of the coolest individual achievements in baseball to choose from, what would you do?  What would you do?  (Sorry, that one scene from Speed with Dennis Hopper makes me a sad panda that he’s gone.)  Give it a whirl.

If your pick is not listed, then by all means feel free to put something in the comments.  Yes, I realize that these are not all “true” individual achievements, but if you throw a no-hitter most people won’t remember who the pinch runner in the 2nd inning was.  They will remember your name, though.  Keep it clean, folks.  We’re trying to maintain our “G” rating here.

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