Win a Cardinals AnyDate newspaper by finding a box score from any date

by Nick December 23, 2012

If you’re one of our loyal four readers, you may remember WAAAAAY back in May of 2011, we gave away copy of a St. Louis Cardinals AnyDate newspaper at the generous request by the folks from AnyDate. Well, if you’ve been with us that long and didn’t win that contest, we (and the generous folks […]

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Cardinals Burton History Tree giveaway and coupon code

by Nick December 17, 2012

Humblebrag forthcoming: I was lucky to be one of a group of folks asked to help edit (and have been credited as such, along with my esteemed colleague) one of the coolest Cardinals products I have ever seen. The Burton History Trees: Family Tree of the St. Louis Cardinals. The guys at Burton are a […]

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Skip Schumaker traded to Dodgers

by Nick December 16, 2012

Somewhere in Cardinal Nation, fans are sad. Elsewhere in Cardinal Nation, fans are elated. Skip Schumaker has been traded to the Dodgers for Jake Lemmerman. Schumaker had become a bit of a crux of the saber versus scrap argument in St. Louis. Below average defense at second base, an “empty” (and declining) batting average, and […]

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Chris Carpenter: “I want to keep pitching until I can’t pitch”

by Nick December 11, 2012

This bit of news is a few weeks old, but I wanted to share for multiple reasons. One, someone had a chance at, and presumably won, a fishing trip with Chris Carpenter.  I wonder if they listened to this before bidding? I mean, seriously, does last off-season’s snake/naked man/excursion deter potential bidders from the four-day […]

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Remember Game 6? Relive it by winning Game 6 on Blu-Ray!

by Nick December 10, 2012

It’s not really necessary for me to include the year is it? David Freese made a name for himself (and probably millions of dollars, soon?) and found himself on the cover – that’s it at the right – of an A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions package of one of “Baseball’s Greatest Games: 2011 World Series, […]

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United Cardinal Bloggers Awards Ballot – Gr33nazn

by Dennis November 27, 2012

Every year the members of the United Cardinal Bloggers (UCB) pause for a few moments to bestow honors and blah, blah, blah.  Without any more of that ado that apparently there is much of for no reason, here is my UCB Awards ballot.

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November 19th – UCB Roundtable Question

by Dennis November 20, 2012

The UCB roundtable question of the day for November 19th involved some alternate universe baseball, because why not have it involve alternate universe baseball? Courtesy of some guy eating a burrito… Good morning.  Please take a moment to suspend disbelief and logic in favor of playing a bit of “alternate universebaseball”.  Allow the theoretical baseball […]

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Cardinals add alternate uniform, opinions abound

by Nick November 19, 2012

The Cardinals officially announced Friday that they are adding a third uniform to their wardrobe (yes, uniform – the pants will be Heritage White also) to wear during Saturday home games. Reaction has been swift and divided. Many do not like the departure from the strictly two kit arrangement that has helped define the Cardinals’ […]

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Press Release: 2013 Winter Warm-Up Tickets On Sale

by Dennis November 15, 2012

2013 WINTER WARM-UP TICKETS ON SALE Proceeds from the 17th Annual Event Continue to Benefit Kids in the Cardinals Community ST. LOUIS, MO, November 15, 2012 – Cardinals Care, the charitable foundation of the St. Louis Cardinals, announced today that tickets for the 17th annual Winter Warm-Up will be available starting Friday, November 23. One […]

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UCB Awards: Vote Early, Vote Often

by Dennis November 13, 2012

Please take a moment and pause your game of Angry Birds long enough to vote from a bunch of people who dedicate far too much time in their basements writing about baseball.  Seriously, this means something to the bloggers who write the words that make the whole world sing.  They are the lyrical gangstas in […]

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