UCB Awards: Vote Early, Vote Often

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Please take a moment and pause your game of Angry Birds long enough to vote from a bunch of people who dedicate far too much time in their basements writing about baseball.  Seriously, this means something to the bloggers who write the words that make the whole world sing.  They are the lyrical gangstas in a #ThugLyfe world.  They are baseball addicted fans just like many of you.  The only difference is that they are generally silly enough to write thousands of words a week for free.

Click here and vote.

We’re not even campaigning for you to vote for us, either.  That would be cool, but we’re just thrilled to be part of the United Cardinal Bloggers (UCB).  It means hanging with the cool kids and watching @C70 give speeches every year.




Cardinals fan since I could hold a fishing pole steady. Accidental blogger. Opinionated. I could care less about what you think of me. Constantly confounded, bemused, and confuzzled (ie I'm a pc and a mac). I'm an IT infrastructure analyst with a penchant for breaking tech toys. I ate a sabermetric primer for breakfast. I love playing "All-powerful GM of MLB". The 2010 Cardinals represented a good, practical definition "cognitive dissonance". The 2011 version got by on duct tape and a prayer, and I'm fine with that. They just need new tape for #12 in 12.
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