Win a Cardinals AnyDate newspaper by finding a box score from any date

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If you’re one of our loyal four readers, you may remember WAAAAAY back in May of 2011, we gave away copy of a St. Louis Cardinals AnyDate newspaper at the generous request by the folks from AnyDate.

Well, if you’ve been with us that long and didn’t win that contest, we (and the generous folks at AnyDate) figure it’s time you got another shot!

From the website, a description of this cool piece of memorabilia:

The St. Louis Cardinals History Newspaper consists of 63-pages of commemorative New York Times headlines, articles & photographs about the Cardinals. Celebrate all of the Cardinals best plays, games, and series with this St. Louis Cardinals History Newspaper, which includes a special color section!

Relive the history from the early days in the first Busch Stadium with Rogers Hornsby, then the days of Stan Musial, the openings of the next two Busch Stadiums, Mark McGwire setting the season Home Run record, and the 2006 World Series victory.

Makes an excellent gift or collectible for any true Cardinals fan!

Printed on full size 15 x 22 inch newspaper stock, the St. Louis Cardinals History Newspaper comes in a crystal clear acid-free envelope to protect your keepsake.

This is a true keepsake for any Cardinal fan – and you can have one for FREE.99.

The beauty of this contest is we’re going to make it quick…entries will be accepted until 8 am CT tomorrow morning (12/24).  This means you can still gift this baby for Christmas.  No, it won’t get to you miraculously by Christmas morning (unless you’ve got an in with the big guy in the red suit), but if you’re like me you have perfected the “print a photo of what you bought and put it in a nice card to buy you time until the item actually arrives” move, and you can replicate with this beauty.

So the contest then…

There is a particular Cardinal loss that is near and dear to my heart.  I’ve written about it several times on this website.  It happened in a post-season within the last ten years.  The hometown team did not score a single run, and it was the end of their season for that year.

Tell me who batted clean-up that day.

You can post a comment here, send an e-mail, leave a comment on the Facebook post that will inevitably go up with this, or reply on Twitter @PitchersHit8th.  Any one of those is a valid entry, multiple correct guesses will go to the randomizer, and we will post the winner tomorrow morning.

Good luck, and thanks to AnyDate!

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