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Humblebrag forthcoming: I was lucky to be one of a group of folks asked to help edit (and have been credited as such, along with my esteemed colleague) one of the coolest Cardinals products I have ever seen.

The Burton History Trees: Family Tree of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The guys at Burton are a class bunch, with a class product.  From what little I’ve seen of their process and due diligence in putting together this product, it is clear that the history is just as important, if not moreso, than the art.  A thorough vetting process goes into the names, phrases, and history included on the tree.

So exactly what is a “history tree?”

From their own website:

Burton History Trees bring to life the history of your favorite sports team or musical era. The content of each tree in uniquely arranged in chronological order and sized by significance.

Thus, the story is told, from the beginning to end, without turning pages.

By combining names, images and sketches, Burton creates a one of a kind piece of art that is the ideal conversation piece.

A Burton History Tree is the perfect gift for any sports or music enthusiast.

Find out more about the History Tree and how to win one of the limited edition Cardinals prints after the jump…

The Burton History Trees use a highly scientific and top secret method of coding players and pitchers into eras and impact on team history that is codified by different fonts, font sizes, and font styles.  Bob Gibson, Stan Musial and other Hall of Famers are big, bold, and in their own HoF font.  The cup of coffee outfielder might be hard to find without a magnifying glass.  It’s really an elegant piece of art.

Here’s how you figure out what’s what:



The good folks at Burton were kind enough to make some great deals for the readers of PH8.

First, if you just can’t stand another season of Cardinal baseball starting without one of these hanging on your wall, you’re in luck.  Guarantee that you’ve secured one of the limited edition (only 2000, folks!) prints by placing an order at Burton History Trees and using coupon code PH8 for a 25% discount through the end of the day Wednesday, December 19!

Part of the fun of a product like this is this reaction that I had about eleventy billion times while reviewing the print: “Holy hell, I totally forgot that Tim Jones played for the Cardinals!  He was, um, well, Tim Jones.”  Imagine having that sheer joy umpteen times over.  Burton History Trees.


I’m giving a print away.  I’ve got a signed, numbered print (and the number is low, I mean REAL low, out of the 2000 total – not sure if collectors care about that, but there it is – number is low) to give away.  It can be yours, it can be something you win and frame for a beloved family member who passed down their love of the Redbirds to you – but mostly, it can be yours.

How do you win?  I pray this isn’t too complicated, but this is a valuable prize, so there will be a task:

  1. Go to the Burton History Trees: Cardinals page, and take a close look at the history tree image in the center of the page.  You can zoom in on this image.
  2. Find the bottom-most name on the tree.
  3. E-mail me (go here) the number of at-bats or innings pitched of said player for the Cardinals organization.
  4. Winner will be selected by either the only correct answer, or by choosing one of the correct answers at random.

We’ll choose the winner on Wednesday afternoon to be able to ship to the winner in advance of the holiday (no guarantees, but we’ll try?) – so get your answer in by 3pm CT Wednesday 12/19.

If you can’t bear to wait for contest results – just order one for yourself at 25% discount by using coupon code PH8 on the Burton Trees website.

Thanks to Bruce, Eric, Drew and the rest of the crew at Burton History Trees.

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PH8 December 22, 2012

The correct answer is: Ed Cartwright had 300 at-bats for the 1890 Cardinals (only they were called the Browns then) of the American Association.

PH8 December 22, 2012

And now the folks who gave the correct answer (these are in the order I received their e-mail):

1. oty…
2. mpw…
3. bla…
4. smu…
5. bra…
6. cha…
7. ami…
8. sp…

For the purposes of the selector, those will be your numbers for the chance to win. If your number comes up at the top of the random list, you win!

Randomizer next…

PH8 December 22, 2012

Here is your sequence:


Timestamp: 2012-12-22 16:18:27 UTC

PH8 December 22, 2012

Congrats to our winner!

Please stay tuned to PH8 for more giveaways in the coming week!

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