Beat the Pirates

by Nick September 13, 2008

That’s really all the Cardinals had to do this season, with any sort of regularity, to be staring a playoff berth right in the eyes. Sure, 5-10 against the Brewers hasn’t done them any favors either (and 2-4 against the Royals, and 3-4 against the Giants). They’ve had their other opportunities, they’ve had many chances […]

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This week’s Redbird Tweets – 2008-09-13

by Nick September 13, 2008

Another series win – another series that should’ve been a sweep # Milwaukee is really doing their best to keep this interesting # Here’s hoping Glaus’ shoulder is ok # The fat lady just put away her pitch pipe # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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You know it’s bad when…

by Nick September 11, 2008

…even Len and Bob said it was a balk.  Yet, you still don’t get the call, even with ‘Balkin Bob Davidson on the crew.

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UCB: Top 7 Prospects followup

by Nick September 10, 2008

As a follow-up to our UCB project (well, he actually commissioned our lists) Derrick Goold of the St Louis Post-Dispatch has posted his Bird Land 7 over at Naturally, Derrick chose many different players from the rest of us, and puts up a great read. Thanks to DG and the UCB crew for the […]

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This is why I don’t manage the Cardinals

by Nick September 9, 2008

I would not have sent Ryan Franklin out for a second inning (although, who I am kidding, I wouldn’t have brought him into a tie game to begin with). I would have had Felipe Lopez bunting with Brendan Ryan on first and no one out. I definitely would have had Lopez bunting with Ryan on […]

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UCB: Top 7 Prospects

by Nick September 7, 2008

I was asked to take part in a ‘United Cardinal Bloggers‘ project which tasked several of us Cardinal blog writers to list our top seven prospects in the organization.  That was the only instruction, there were no further restrictions.  As such, my list follows: 1.  OF Colby Rasmus – Obviously, any Cardinal prospect list has […]

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This week’s Redbird Tweets – 2008-09-06

by Nick September 6, 2008

I’m going to write today, I promise! # Lohse has gotten jobbed by the bullpen twice now in the last six days # Congrats Troy Glaus, on your 300th career home run # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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The new Danny Haren?

by Nick September 5, 2008

Remember the fear most Cardinal fans had (at least I did) when we shipped off an underperforming “once-prospect” for a live bullpen arm at the deadline? Don’t look now, but Anthony Reyes has posted a 2.01 ERA in five starts for the Cleveland Indians. From Jayson Stark at Ask for a Reyes: Speaking of […]

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Yes, Houston, we copy. We just lost the Wild Card.

by Nick September 4, 2008

Well, that’s really where it all began, isn’t it? I apologize for my longer than anticipated absence, and in some ways, I’m not that sorry.  I barely got to see any Cardinal baseball while I’ve been on ‘hiatus’, and that’s seemingly been a good thing.  I hate to go down the path of pessimist, but […]

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Felipe Lopez is a winner

by Nick September 3, 2008

Courtesy of VEB reader Tackle Box in today’s VEB game post, via, I present you this: You win Felipe Lopez.  Even if you can’t play left field worth a lick, you win.

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