I knew I was right about Brad Thompson

by Nick August 18, 2008

Obviously it took someone far smarter than I to prove it (kudos to Fungoes for imparting the knowledge), but I knew Brad Thompson was more valuable to this Cardinal team than he has gotten credit for. I wrote about Thompson round-about three weeks ago, and his ability to roll with whatever role the Cards asked […]

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Sunday Spitballs – 08.17.08

by Nick August 17, 2008

I wish that just once this team would display some killer instinct and put a team away when they have a chance for a sweep.  Edinson Volquez was on today, no doubt, but the Cardinals had their chances.  Just winning series for the rest of the season isn’t going to get it done anymore – […]

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Quick observations

by Nick August 15, 2008

Chris Perez is starting to get ‘that look’ when he pitches.  Tonight, he seemed really pissed off that Brandon Phillips got that hit to left, and he took it out on Javier Valentin and Edwin Encarnacion.  The slider was working, the heater was working, the control seemed to be working.  CP63 has got it going […]

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Jarrod Washburn: Appearing at a stadium near you?

by Nick August 14, 2008

Apparently Jarrod Washburn has been informed by the Seattle Mariners that he was placed on waivers and some team has claimed him.  The claiming team has yet to be outed, but by waiver rules, the Mariners can work out a deal with the claiming team. Could we be seeing Washburn in a Cardinal uniform soon?  […]

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Barton to return sooner than later?

by Nick August 14, 2008

Brian Barton has rejoined the Cardinals, but is has not yet been activated. Technically, the Cardinals could keep him on the disabled list the rest of the season and retain his rights, after choosing him in this past off-season’s Rule 5 Draft.  While I doubt the Cardinal management would go that far just to keep […]

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Shut Carp down – now

by Nick August 13, 2008

The news at ESPN.com is that and MRI has revealed that Chris Carpenter has a strain in his pitching *shoulder*, not a triceps strain as previously thought and reported. LaRussa and Duncan are already preparing to use either Brad Thompson or Jaime Garcia in Carpenter’s rotation slot on Friday. In yet another setback for a […]

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The Cards and the Commandments of Sabermetrics

by Nick August 12, 2008

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this list before, but I just saw it yesterday for the first time, so I’m going to force it upon you again. Now, obviously Sabermetrics is something not every baseball fan necessarily follows nor understands, but nevertheless, some of the basics ring true for basic baseball knowledge.  […]

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Sunday Spitballs – 08.10.08

by Nick August 10, 2008

This team treats me like a yo-yo and I keep coming back for more.  This week’s version will likely be short, as I missed lots of action while globe-trotting for work.  At any rate, here goes this week’s Spitballs: If you are religious in any way, believe in anything at all, pray or meditate or […]

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Live from the Cubby Bear

by Nick August 9, 2008

Lots of red here… Love it. Go Cards!

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One outing does not a closer make

by Nick August 8, 2008

Fresh off of a two-inning, one hit, no runs performance yesterday afternoon, Jason Isringhausen is hopefully feeling a little better about himself. I hope that Tony doesn’t feel the same. Sure, Izzy finally put together some pitches, even throwing most for strikes. This does not in the slightest form mean that he should be allowed […]

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