UCB Post-Season Roundtable

by Nick October 6, 2008

So I’m taking part in another United Cardinal Bloggers project, this time a roundtable of the group of us in which we all get to ask a question of the group, we have an e-mail discussion about said question, then a transcript gets posted for all of you folks to read.  It’s a fancy little […]

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Enough to make a blogger smile

by Nick October 5, 2008

Old news, I know.  But you gotta love when the home team’s manager ensures that the name of your website will remain relevant for at least another year.

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Trying to play Uni Watch

by Nick October 5, 2008

Inspired by Paul Lukas and his website Uni Watch, I had an eye out today during the Bengals-Cowboys game. Specifically, I noticed that Cedric Benson had a different color scheme on the back of his jersey than Chad Johnson. See the white stripe continuing all the way up by his name?  Weird. As I continue […]

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This week’s Redbird Tweets – 2008-10-04

by Nick October 4, 2008

Go Tigers! # Oh sweet Mary, Buck Martinez is a horrible color man # Are the Cubs in serious trouble already? # Sorry Cards fans – KRod isn’t your answer either # I often wish Papelbon had to hit, when I watch him dance around like a fool after every save # Powered by Twitter […]

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The 2008 off-season

by Nick October 2, 2008

Well, the Cardinals of course had to go and win the last six games of 2008.  They finally put together a sweep of a team that they should’ve been putting away all season long.  Of course, it was too little too late, and the Redbirds are making tee times. All that aside, that doesn’t mean […]

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Kyle Lohse gets paid

by Nick October 1, 2008

Ok, save the “duh” comments.  I know I’m behind the news here. Fact is, my tardiness was somewhat intentional.  I’ve set myself down at the keyboard several times since Sunday night/Monday afternoon, all set to unleash my true thoughts on the Kyle Lohse signing, only to think better of it and continue to read other […]

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My year-end thanks to Baseball Reference

by Nick September 30, 2008

For those of you who have kept up with the site since I started yelling at you in early May, you know I have linked almost exclusively with Baseball Reference (www.baseball-reference.com) as my source for both major and minor league statistics. I wanted to put this up as my thanks to BR for their continued […]

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Look at it this way…

by Nick September 28, 2008

At least they’re not the Mets. …or the Rams. …or Scott Linehan. …or Lane Kiffin. Er, you get the point. Congrats Redbirds, for finishing this season on a high note.  A couple of breaks and a few less injuries and we’d still be looking forward to home-team baseball.

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This week’s Redbird Tweets – 2008-09-27

by Nick September 27, 2008

Cards now playing the spoiler role! # Anyone know how many runners the Cards have had thrown out at home this year? # D’Backs foiled again! # Ha! Did you see McLaughlin hit that guy in the head with a bag of peanuts? Get off your phone pal! # That’s a winner! (For the Dodgers […]

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Braden Looper: To sign or not to sign?

by Nick September 26, 2008

That is a question on many a Cards fan’s tongue as the season winds to a close. As Braden Looper prepares to take the mound tonight, in the Cardinals’ final series of this wildly entertaining (and similarly frustrating) season, it could be his final appearance wearing the Birds-on-the-Bat. It can be argued that Looper’s conversion […]

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