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by on October 5, 2008 · 2 comments

Inspired by Paul Lukas and his website Uni Watch, I had an eye out today during the Bengals-Cowboys game.

Specifically, I noticed that Cedric Benson had a different color scheme on the back of his jersey than Chad Johnson.

See the white stripe continuing all the way up by his name?  Weird.

As I continue to watch this game, I am noticing that several players have the white stripe continuing up, several others do not.  I wonder if it is just a matter of jersey size, whether the white continues or not?

Either way, it’s pretty funky looking.  I know this has nothing to do with the Cardinals, but hey, it’s my site.

More on the Redbirds later…

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Ron October 6, 2008

It could be that Benson got a different kind of Bengals jersey with the recent signing? Strange tho.

PHE October 6, 2008

Nope, several other Bengals players had the same jersey phenomenon occurring.

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