Tampa Airport – ‘Rays All the Way’

by Nick October 22, 2008

For your viewing pleasure, the reader board at the Tampa airport, heading down to baggage claim: No, I don’t have tickets, nor will I be in town once the game starts. Quick day trip, had hoped to cruise past the Trop but didn’t have the chance. Needless to say, I think the area is stoked. […]

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The UCB Roundtable on Albert Pujols: El Hombre, El Extension?

by Nick October 21, 2008

So today is my turn in the esteemed United Cardinal Bloggers’ Roundtable discussions taking place this month of October.  I’ve had a great time going back and forth with this red bleeding bunch, no matter agreeing or disagreeing.  While most of the Cardinal fandom is focused on who the Redbirds can add this off-season, I […]

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A few more UCB Roundtable discussions

by Nick October 21, 2008

Catch up on some more UCB banter at these following blogs: Haedar at Redbird Ramblings asked about the Cards’ 2009 bullpen. Bert Flex addressed the potential of the Cardinal outfield in 2009. Pip at Fungoes brought up one of the more interesting topics of the round, wanting input on the ‘fan experience’ at Busch III. […]

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This week’s Redbird Tweets – 2008-10-18

by Nick October 18, 2008

I think I’ve decided I want to see a Rays-Dodgers World Series # Oh c’mon – we’re not gonna do this again are we, Red Sox? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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More UCB Roundtable goodness

by Nick October 15, 2008

A couple more of the United Cardinal Bloggers’ Roundtable questions have been posted.  Check out my witty retorts at: Cardinal Nation Globe – A great question about the recently passed George Kissell and ‘The Cardinal Way’ The Rundown – Giving the business to Mozeliak about making some moves to shore up the team I’m due […]

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Pray for Pujols’ elbow

by Nick October 13, 2008

Why, you ask? Because I just read two statements that make me cringe in the same article about the procedure Albert Pujols had on his elbow today.  The first: Pujols has elbow surgery Ok, not terribly surprising – and it sounds like it was a lesser surgery, one intended to minimize down time for El […]

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Keeping up with the UCB Roundtable

by Nick October 13, 2008

I’ve been spending most of my Cardinal brainpower lately keeping up with those prolific writers of the United Cardinal Bloggers.  These guys are making me think really seriously about what I know about the Cardinals and what I’ve yet to learn.  At any rate, I’m throwing my $0.02 in there.  Check out the discussions posted […]

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This week’s Redbird Tweets – 2008-10-11

by Nick October 11, 2008

I wish MLB would get with the program and just start the LCS already # RIP George # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Cardinal family loses a friend, a teacher, a legend

by Nick October 8, 2008

George Kissell 1920-2008 Longtime Cardinal player, coach, and teacher George Kissell passed away yesterday from injuries sustained in a car accident Monday night in St Petersburg FL. Kissell has been a long-time instructor with the Cardinals, teaching scores of players young and old, how to play the game of baseball. Derrick Goold recounted a great […]

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UCB Roundtable: First Installation

by Nick October 7, 2008

As promised, the first installation of the United Cardinal Bloggers’ Roundtable discussion has been posted over at The Cardinal Virtue. John’s question for the group was this: I’ll start us off with what I feel is an “easy” topic. A big question for this offseason was answered with the resigning of Lohse. Was this the […]

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