UCB Blog Swap and PHE Facebook

by Nick January 29, 2009

I wanted to share a couple of quick notes with you folks. Tomorrow is the scheduled date for the United Cardinal Bloggers’ Blog Swap.  You can check out the entire lineup at C70 At The Bat tomorrow morning.  The real kicker is that you don’t know who is posting where.  We’ll have a guest poster […]

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Ballpark Village says Cubs Suck

by Nick January 29, 2009

Ok, I realize I am way late to the game on this one, but I was away from my computer for the better part of yesterday and it’s just too good not to have saved here for posterity. I’d give credit to other sites that have posted it, but there are already too many to […]

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PHE’s Top Cardinals Lineup of the LaRussa Years

by Nick January 28, 2009

Here it is, probably not much anticipated, but I’m excited about bringing it to you. I should qualify my choices for this lineup. Each player must have played 50% of his games at the position listed in the given season and have 450 at-bats for that season. The following is the lineup, based upon the […]

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Cardinals Twitter on Pitchers Hit Eighth

by Nick January 27, 2009

For my loyal readers (all three of you) paying attention to the right sidebar, there’s been a lot of activity today in the Redbird Tweets section. The testing and experimentation is complete. I was lucky to come across a stud javascript programmer (thanks AD!) that has put together an outstanding script for me that pulls […]

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Chris Carpenter prevents thievery

by Nick January 27, 2009

One of my favorite things to do lately is check in on the Stat of the Day over at Baseball Reference.  I’m trying to learn how to properly use their Play Index tool, and the stat of the day page helps to show the power of the PI. This past Friday, the topic was Chris […]

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Albert Pujols MVP art

by Nick January 25, 2009

Somehow I stumbled onto the site obamicon.me site this evening. This site produces poster prints similar to the Barack Obama ‘Hope‘ poster designed by Shepard Fairey. I decided to create my own poster: What do you think? Should I start making prints to sell?

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Top 9 Cardinal Player Personnel Moves of 2008

by Nick January 23, 2009

While some of these wouldn’t necessarily qualify as a “move” in most minds, here are – in my opinion – the most influential moves/non-moves/transactions made by the Cardinals’ brass during the 2008 calendar year.  (In no particular order.) Trade Scott Rolen for Troy Glaus. I still wonder to this day if John Mozeliak fell out […]

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UCB Radio: Latest Installment

by Nick January 22, 2009

Well, due to some coordination confusion, we weren’t able to get Derrick Goold on the show as hoped. We did however, have some great banter about Mo’s afternoon chat, among other things.  We even had folks listening in via the call-in line (thanks Lance!). Listen to the show via the widget below, or get it […]

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PHE live blog

by Nick January 21, 2009

Time to kill, so I figured why not give this live blog thing a shot? Let’s see if anyone bothers to show up!

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Derrick Goold on UCB Radio Hour

by Nick January 19, 2009

9pm CT Wednesday night marks the next installment of UCB Radio. I will be the host for this edition, as Derrick Goold joins us to take a smattering of questions. Derrick is going to be a bit short on time, so as with our last special guest, we will be conducting a Q&A of sorts […]

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