UCB Roundtable: Kyle Lohse deal too soon?

by Nick February 20, 2009

Once again the United Cardinal Bloggers undertake a Roundtable project, a way to pass the time during Spring Training while waiting for Opening Day. We had the honor of leading off this time around, so here goes: In light of the way the free agent market has progressed, do you think the Cards jumped the […]

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Joe Posnanski: Mark McGwire only one who got it

by Nick February 19, 2009

First, if you don’t read Joe Posnanski (that link is only his blog, you can find him in the KC Star, national pubs, etc), you must start.  Poz is a brilliant writer, on many topics ranging from baseball to beyond. Today’s topic from Posnanski on Sports Illustrated was particularly poignant for Cardinal fans.  Poz addressed […]

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UCB Radio – First Spring Training Special

by Nick February 19, 2009

The boys were back at it again on UCB Radio Hour last night.  The first show since the Cardinals reported to Jupiter was sure not to disappoint. I was unfortunately unable to join the fray but you can listen in to the rest of the United Cardinal Bloggers, as always, via iTunes by clicking the […]

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Adam Kennedy lands with the Rays – maybe?

by Nick February 18, 2009

So by now everyone knows that erstwhile Cardinals second baseman Adam Kennedy went and inked a minor-league deal yesterday with the Tampa Bay Rays. While this is certain to barely register as more than a blip on Tony LaRussa’s radar, who previously said he had “the primary input on this situation. I’m not putting it […]

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ARod, steroids, and the greater effect

by Nick February 11, 2009

Ok, I know you’re tired of hearing about the Alex Rodriguez steroid saga.  I’ve had more than my fill of it as well.  I don’t plan to rehash how Rodriguez has sullied the game, and how he is a liar, a cheat, etc. that has been trumpted across the blogosphere since Saturday’s announcement and Sunday’s […]

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Cardinal pitchers versus the stolen base

by Nick February 4, 2009

[Ed. note – I’ve revised the post to re-order all of the charts, ranked by the column that is the “pertinent information”.  I’m not sure why I didn’t do that in the first place, but it was late when I originally posted, so forgive me.  Hopefully this makes the information even clearer.  Thanks for reading.] […]

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Cardinals catchers versus the stolen base

by Nick February 3, 2009

Today is part two of our look at the Cardinals’ focus on defending the running game. We’ll take a look at how the catchers play a role in slowing down the running game of opposing teams. If you missed part one yesterday, you can catch up before diving into today’s post. Let’s get some simple […]

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St Louis Cardinals versus the stolen base

by Nick February 2, 2009

Strangely (or perhaps fittingly), our two-hundredth post arrives today, on a day that we begin our most aggressive undertaking in this site’s brief history. Today marks the beginning of a three-part series here at Pitchers Hit Eighth (hopefully it is only three) taking an in-depth look into the Cardinals’ approach to defending the running game. […]

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Super Bowl XLIII and blown calls

by Nick February 2, 2009

Ok, maybe only one blown call. The arguments will rage on about the penalty disparities between the Steelers and Cardinals tonight (at least I hope, it was kind of silly until late in the game), but one call made by the officials tonight will stand out. How could the NFL officials assigned to the replay […]

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New Directions

by Nick January 30, 2009

The following guest post is brought to you by today’s UCB blog swap project.  We’re all swapping blogs, and seeing if you can figure out who is writing where!  Make your guesses down in the comments section, and be sure to check out the other UCB blogs to see where my post wound up!  It […]

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