Joe Posnanski: Mark McGwire only one who got it

by on February 19, 2009 · 8 comments

First, if you don’t read Joe Posnanski (that link is only his blog, you can find him in the KC Star, national pubs, etc), you must start.  Poz is a brilliant writer, on many topics ranging from baseball to beyond.

Today’s topic from Posnanski on Sports Illustrated was particularly poignant for Cardinal fans.  Poz addressed the current steroid issue in baseball (I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t bring it up again) – and he addresses former Cardinal Mark McGwire’s role in the ongoing saga.

Specifically, Posnanski takes a look at McGwire’s stance during his appearance before Congress on March 17, 2005 (has it been that long ago?).  In hindsight, Posnanski writes, McGwire may have played the best hand.  I won’t spoilt it any more for you, but you should click the link above and read.

As an admitted McGwire fan back to his Oakland days (I still have pages and pages of his baseball cards stashed away in a closet somewhere) and probably an even bigger McGwire fan during his St Louis days (still have my ticket stub from the 500 and 501 home run game), it’s hard for me to know McGwire will never be elected to the Hall of Fame.  What’s perhaps more impressive is the willpower of a man who doesn’t seem to care (or perhaps, says the fan in me, his indifference to Hall election is his self-imposed penance for doing something he now regrets).

The fan in me wants to believe that this guy just put it together, with the support of a rabid bunch of red-clad backers, for some great seasons.

The realist in me knows that smoke equals fire with PEDs and baseball these days, and there’s a lot of smoke surrounding Big Mac.

Whatever you choose to believe, JoePo delivers a great evaulation of what has transpired in the steroid era with regard to player reactions.

I’d like to offer a tip of the cap to Sky at Beyond the Boxscore (@BtB_Sky) for posting the link to the Posnanski story on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

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