[Redbird Reveille] Good things and bad things

by Nick June 2, 2009

Well, judging by the title, this should be a fun exercise, no? Good thing: Colby Rasmus going three-for-four with a home run, double, single, a run scored and one batted in. Bad thing: Dan and Al going on incessantly about how Rasmus “only needs a triple for the cycle” following the single to put him […]

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Cards @ Giants (05.30) live blog

by Nick May 30, 2009

Cardinals at Giants (05.30)

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UCB Progressive Game Blog: Ninth Inning

by Nick May 26, 2009

May 23rd, 2009 – Kansas City Royals @ St Louis Cardinals Cardinals 5, Royals 0 Well, if it weren’t for the goings on of the eighth inning (which you can find over at Fungoes), the ninth inning would’ve been an uneventful and good end to the ballgame for the Cardinals. Indeed, the game wrap-up had […]

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Albert Pujols on slumps, steroids, and contracts

by Nick May 16, 2009

How’s this for something to keep you busy in the absence of rained out baseball? KSDK – “Pujols on steroids: I don’t care what people think…I play for the Lord” Albert Pujols sat down with Rene Knott from KSDK Channel 5 in St Louis for a one-on-one interview in the Cardinal dugout. Knott broached several […]

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[Redbird Reveille] A win, a ‘Colby Jack’, and some links

by Nick May 15, 2009

Nice of the Cardinals to decide to take a game from Pittsburgh while they were in town.  I was beginning to think that the Pirates would wind up in first place in the division by the time the Cards escaped… Mitchell Boggs did “just well enough” in his short outing again to put the Cardinals […]

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[Redbird Reveille] Ludwick, UCB Radio, Memphis loses

by Nick May 13, 2009

Yeah, I know…it’s not really reveille when it goes off at 4pm.  Consider this the “sleeping in” version of the Reveille… —– Ryan Ludwick hits the shelf.  Todd Wellemeyer gets creamed.  Lineup still not hitting.  Cards and Pirates are on the verge of combustion during this series via the beanball. Am I missing something, or […]

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Cards at Hofbrauhaus

by Nick May 11, 2009

Why not, right? (The beer was good.)

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All-Time St. Louis Cardinals Fantasy Team

by Nick May 8, 2009

[Ed. note – Today’s guest poster actually wrote his own introduction, which doubly saves us time here!  Jonathan says:  “Pitchers Hit Eighth threw me a biting knuckle curve the other week via Twitter when they actually accepted my self-invitation to write a guest article for them this week. Most of the time, I blog randomly […]

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PHE 1Q Interview: Aaron Hooks

by Nick May 8, 2009

[Ed. note – below is one of a series of one question interviews completed before we left for vacation. Please keep in mind as you read that we are still cutting our chops asking “hard hitting questions” so I hope you all find these interesting. Today’s interviewee is Aaron Hooks of Cardinals Diaspora, where Cards […]

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Q&A with Jake Wagman, Post-Dispatch

by Nick May 7, 2009

[Ed. note – As part of our vacation reading, I asked my Twitter buddy Jake Wagman, political reporter for the St Louis Post-Dispatch, to do a Q&A with us.  Happily, Jake obliged.  Extensively.  We couldn’t have asked for better responses.  Jake gave us some great insight into the political workings that go along with a […]

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