[Redbird Reveille] Ludwick, UCB Radio, Memphis loses

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Yeah, I know…it’s not really reveille when it goes off at 4pm.  Consider this the “sleeping in” version of the Reveille…


Ryan Ludwick hits the shelf.  Todd Wellemeyer gets creamed.  Lineup still not hitting.  Cards and Pirates are on the verge of combustion during this series via the beanball.

Am I missing something, or did nothing good come from last night’s game?


Ludwick to the disabled list has made room for the callup of Nick Stavinoha.  Consider me unimpressed, but unsurprised.  After all, who else did they have available down there?  (And don’t give me the Brian Barton sob story…)

From our point of view, the Stavi callup pretty much punched Tyler Greene’s ticket back to Memphis this weekend when Brendan Ryan is activated.

Here’s hoping Luddy or Rick Ankiel (or both) can make it back soon to bolster the outfield soon.  Good thing we have that organizational depth there, right?


So who gets more at-bats in Ludwick and Ankiel’s absences?  Shane Robinson or Stavinoha?  Our money is on Sugar Shane.

And it’s not just because Tony saw fit to hit him in the ninth spot in the lineup last night… 🙂


On to brighter subjects, tonight marks PH8’s triumphant return to the airwaves on UCB Radio Hour.  Join us, Tom from Cardinals GM, Josh from Redbirds Row, and hopefully some other stragglers – live tonight at 9:30pm CT.

Join the show yourself by calling in with a question or comment at 646.929.1758.


For all you Twits out there (sorry, Tweeple, right?) who can’t get enough of the Twitter service and all it stands for, now you can put your most witty 140 characters on a t-shirt.

We hereby begin the official pool to see who is featured on more t-shirts, @dgoold@MatthewHLeach@miklasz.  Early line favors Goold, based on sheer volume. 😉


Memphis played a morning game today (11:05a Memphis time) against the Las Vegas 51s.  Jess Todd got roughed up a bit in the top of the tenth, Memphis scored three of their own in the bottom of ten, then the Redbird pen blew it again in the top of eleven.

Sound familiar?

Jon Jay had three hits in five at-bats to raise his slumping batting average above .220.  Think he’s upset about getting passed over for callups after the spring he had?  Hopefully this can spur him on to improve the rest of the season.


Since our first birthday was last week, we thought it appropriate to throw this out there…

If anyone feels the need to get PH8 a birthday gift, these would be more than appropriate.

Go Cards!

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