[Redbird Reveille] Good things and bad things

by on June 2, 2009 · 5 comments

Well, judging by the title, this should be a fun exercise, no?

Good thing: Colby Rasmus going three-for-four with a home run, double, single, a run scored and one batted in.

Bad thing: Dan and Al going on incessantly about how Rasmus “only needs a triple for the cycle” following the single to put him in such status.  Ask @MatthewHLeach, this is annoying.

Good thing: Todd Wellemeyer didn’t give up ten runs and he didn’t walk a whole lineup of batters.

Bad thing: He gave up four runs (three earned) and that is enough to beat this Little League offense right now.

Good thing: Trever Miller, Dennys Reyes, Chris Perez, and Kyle McClellan all made scoreless appearances in relief.

Bad thing: Blaine Boyer didn’t.  (And McClellan walked two.)

Good thing: Joe Thurston was three-for-three.

Bad thing: Joey T is still not the answer at third base.

Good thing: The Cards were not the Mets tonight, who surrendered five runs in the eighth inning to blow a 5-0 lead against the Pirates.

Bad thing: The Cards couldn’t score five runs all game, which is all they needed to push into extra innings.

Good thing: Ryan Ludwick finally made it off of the bench tonight to pinch hit.

Bad thing: Rick Ankiel and Chris Duncan had already flailed their way to four strikeouts in seven at-bats by the time he appeared.  (Does anyone else wonder why Ankiel and/or Duncan still see fastballs?  Ever?)

Good thing: We get to do it all over again at 7:15p – Central time.  Go Cards!


Feel free to add your own in the comments – this is fun!

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