Albert Pujols on slumps, steroids, and contracts

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How’s this for something to keep you busy in the absence of rained out baseball?

KSDK – “Pujols on steroids: I don’t care what people think…I play for the Lord”

Albert Pujols sat down with Rene Knott from KSDK Channel 5 in St Louis for a one-on-one interview in the Cardinal dugout.

Knott broached several subjects, including Albert’s current “slump” (quotes used based upon Albert’s reaction to the question), teaching the “young kids” (quotes used because that’s what Pujols calls the rest of the Cards, since he is an elder statesman at age 29 *ugh*), and a rundown of veteran players who helped teach him to play the game.

Knott also asks about steroids and particularly the Manny Ramirez suspension, which Albert addressed very similarly to the Sports Illustrated article with Joe Posnanski.

Final question was about AP’s contract status, which I’m sure will only increase as the months tick by.

Good stuff for Cardinal fans to see, and you can do so below:

Thanks to KSDK and Rene Knott for a great piece with the Cardinal star.

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Mark May 19, 2009

Funny how a deal for $100 million was an absolute bargain.

PHE May 20, 2009

Yep. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll get as lucky (read: cheap) this time around.

Whatever they pay Albert, it’s still likely to be a bargain.

CH May 22, 2009

I sure do hope Albert doesn’t want to test the market when his contracts up. Makes me sick to even think about it. Redbird fans would be devistated.

PHE May 26, 2009

I agree. I think the Cardinals’ ownership group is shrewd enough to know that they must do everything in their power to make Pujols a life-long Cardinal.

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