All-Time Cardinals Tourney – Round One – Musial Region

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Let’s make with the voting and the advancing of teams!

Below is the first round of the Musial Region in the All-Time Cardinals Team Tournament, please vote for which team you believe should advance to the next round in each case, using whatever criteria you feel necessary – and if you so desire, let us know your feelings on one or each in the comments below.

We’ll close voting around 8pm-ish CT on Saturday evening to begin preparations for the next round of voting.

Have at it!


1967 – This team wasn’t fair. Cha Cha, Brock, Flood, Maris, Carlton, Gibson, Hughes, the Moonman, et al – for the World Series win.

1903 – The worst record of any team in organization history that bore the “Cardinals” moniker. Every team needs a patsy, right?


1945 – 95 wins and nothing to show for it? Where’s Bud Selig with a Wild Card when you need him???

1927 – The Frankie Frisch led Cards were a heck of a team, but largely overshadowed by the NL Champion Pittsburgh Pirates (yep) and those Damn Yankees.


2000 – Anyone still hold on to what could’ve been of Rick Ankiel, MLB pitcher? I do.

1969 Bob Gibson was on this team, and Red Schoendienst was the manager. They were ok.


1987 – This year has a special place in my heart. It’s the first Series the Cards were in that I truly remember, down to those danged Homer Hankies. I also still have an unreasonable crush on the 1987 Topps wood-framed baseball card. It should also be noted that this Series ushered in the Tom Brunansky era in St. Louis. If you’re among those saying “Who?” you are correct.

1936 – I wish I could’ve seen Joe Medwick hit. Damn.


1931 – Another World Series winner. Nine – yes count them, nine – different pitchers threw innings for this team during the season. I wonder who was the LOOGY?

2003 Albert Pujols posted 10.3 rWAR – that’s bonkers.


1996 – Ah, the beginning of the La Russa years. Did anyone truly believe it would last as long as it did? Remember when he took over and almost made it to the World Series with a largely mediocre team? Remember when he won two titles with largely mediocre teams? Excuse me while I pine for weak hitting middle infielders batting ninth…

1921 Rogers Hornsby and Branch Rickey – more legacy in one year than the Colorado Rockies could dream of. (Sorry Rockies fans, low blow – but it’s kind of true.)


1941Billy Southworth was kind of successful as a manager. His job was seemingly as difficult as Joe Torre‘s with the Yankees.

1952Stan Musial was on this team.


2006 – Oh, this motley bunch. Following two seasons of “can’t miss” World Series contenders, the 2006 entry limped into the playoffs just hoping to get healthy. They did, including some shots in the arm from Detroit’s poor defense. Rings.

1973 – I chose this team simply because it’s the only Cardinal team in history to finish exactly .500 – modern-day schedule or otherwise. 81-81. Which is waaaaaaay better than that 80-81-1 1965 squad.


Thanks for following the tourney and voting – don’t forget to vote in the other regionals at C70 at the Bat, I-70 Baseball, and Aaron Miles’ Fastball!

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Matt Glover March 16, 2012

Great idea to have this tourney during the madness! Now only if ESPN could give us Card fans some airtime !

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