All-Time Cardinals Team Tourney – Regional Final – Musial Region

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It’s time to decide which Cardinal team moves on from the Musial Region and into the Final Four at the United Cardinal Bloggers site.

You can must vote in the other regional finals at Aaron Miles’ Fastball, C70 at the Bat, and I-70 Baseball.

As some may have guessed, this region boiled down to a couple of World Series winners, the 1967 El Birdos and the 1931 Cardinal entry.

Who’s moving on to the UCB site?  Make your choice below!

The 1967 Cardinals repeatedly show up on various lists of the best Cardinal teams of all time.  Their continued advancement in this tourney is great example of why, and they haven’t even really been threatened.

The ’67 Birdos’ best player (by bWAR) was Orlando Cepeda at 7.1 WAR.  Their best pitcher was Dick Hughes, with 4.5 WAR.  Yes, this team won a lot of games without a full complement from Bob Gibson.

The 1931 Cardinals are clearly a strong entry, having ousted the 2006 team that is still fresh in so many memories.  Perhaps it was the fact that the 1931 Redbirds never stumbled like the 2006 squad.  The ’31 ‘Birds ran away with the National League by 13 games.

The ’31 Cards featured Chick Hafey with 5.2 WAR and their top pitcher was Bill Hallahan at 4.1 WAR.

So who will you choose?


Remember that the Final Four will start Friday at the UCB site, so check us out over there as we continue to work toward choosing the top Cardinal team of all-time.

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McMillan March 28, 2012

So far, the 67 team’s going to win, but I’m worried about that 2011 bunch. C’mon El Birdos, please don’t fail me.

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