Untruths, Misrumors, Disprognostications – Take 2

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The original “Untruths, Misrumors, Disprognostications” appeared on this blog back in March, and it was a lighthearted attempt to debunk some silly things that were being circulated by various media outlets and linked to the Cardinals.  Since there is no lack of silly rumors and ideas floating around the interwebs, UMD (not to be confused with OMD for you children of the 80’s) is back to fight bad ideas with more bad ideas.

UNTRUTHS: (which are just opinions in disguise)

  1. The Cardinals don’t have good enough starting pitching to make the playoffs.  Here is a direct quote from what I wrote back in UMD1:  “Without Wainwright, the Cardinals basically have the equivalent of the Reds’ staff, and they might even be a shade better.  If Carpenter, Lohse, Garcia, Westbrook, and McClellan combine for 900+ innings this season, I give the Cardinals a reasonable shot at the division.”  Note that the aforementioned quintet is well over 460 innings before the halfway point.  Also note that the Cardinals are a half game behind division leader right now.
  2. The team doesn’t have any money to spend.  If they don’t, then somebody better break open their Teletubby piggy bank and find some spare change in the couch cushions.  The NL Central is ripe for the taking, and the Cardinals might as well be the ones to take it.  Of course, that assumes that they even need to spend anything….


  1. The Cardinals are definitely going after Heath Bell.  And I hear a medium-sized “duh” from the peanut gallery (insert *duh* here).  What team in need of bullpen help isn’t going to at least kick the tires on Bell?  Of course, the Birds would likely have to pick up the tab on the remainder of Bell’s $7.5M 2011 salary and have to give up everything but the kitchen sink.  It’s probably not the monetary price tag that would scare them off, though.  The real concern is what SD would ask in return for Bell, and I’m willing to bet that the price will be high in terms of viable players.  It’s not that they wouldn’t do it, but as a fan I hope that won’t ship off future contributors for a rental.
  2. The Cardinals want Heath Bell and Jason Bartlett in a package deal.  Oh, please no.  A middle infield combo of Bartlett & Ryan Theriot would put Allen Craig on the bench (after he comes off the DL), and he’s been one of the most productive hitters this season.  I see no value in adding Bartlett, unless the Cards want a downgrade from Theriot, and they already have some of those….
  3. The team will make a run at Jose Reyes.  I’m betting this is highly unlikely simply because the Mets will be screaming “Shelby Miller” during the 1st conference call, and that will be the end of the discussion.  The fact that they will have 3 or 4 other top prospects listed after Miller also probably has something to do with the chances of this happening.  Considering the potential contract that Reyes is currently working on earning, I’m fine with watching someone else overpay for his services. 


  1. Brandon Phillips will end up signing with the Cardinals after he becomes a free agent when the Reds decline his 2012 option.  He’s one of the best 2B in the NL right now, and that says more about the NL than it does about Phillips.  His best full season based on WAR was 2010 (2.6).  Sure, he’s in the middle of what promises to be a slightly better year, but is he really worth $12M for 2012?  He may be worth it to some team, but I don’t see him as being worth it to the Cardinals.
  2. Colby Rasmus is going to be traded for a starting pitcher this season.  While it makes sense for the Cardinals to look for a starter who would be under team control for a few years, it’s not a lock that Rasmus would fetch one for them.  Actually, it really doesn’t make sense to trade a young potential ace for a CF who isn’t a proven, consistent performer.  On the other hand, I think a trade of Rasmus for Danny Espinosa from the Nationals would be a solid choice, if Mo could get the Nats to go for it.  I could see them asking for a middle infielder along with Raz, though, and I doubt that they want to part with Espinosa anyway.  Then again, it never hurts to ask.

TIDBIT:  Most of the aforementioned rumors/ideas are just plain dumb, but that doesn’t stop some nationally recognized media members from parroting them.  It wouldn’t hurt them to stop and think that just maybe the Cardinals don’t have to make any moves to make the playoffs.  The team has the talent to do it as is, and it might just be a matter of putting it all together for the next few months.

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Otter July 19, 2011

You would have to be some special kind of stupid to think that Phillips would even accept a trade to the Cardinals, much less that we would want him. That would be one of the all-time chilliest clubhouses of all time, with him in the midst of all the “whiny bitches” and all that (besides the point that I think he’s declining).

Unfortunately, I’m not of the opinion that the Birds are just fine as is. Perhaps they may be if all you’re looking for is a run at the division, but if I were in the front office, I’d be looking to compete in a playoff stretch, not just show up at the party. If they’re going to be able to compete across divisions or even leagues, they HAVE to get some pitching backup, no ifs ands or buts. We’re only 31-30 outside of the NL central.

Dennis July 20, 2011

Maybe I’m a special kind of stupid, but I think that Phillips would go to any team that was willing to pick up that hefty option. I do think his power numbers are in decline, but his overall production is better than ever. That still doesn’t mean that I’d like to see him in St. Louis.

The context for my first 2 comments was specific to making a run at the division. Personally, I don’t think that the front office has shown a serious interest in making a strong run in the playoffs. It’s likely that the company line would be something like “We believe that we match up well against the other playoff teams.” That would provide the rationale for not making a big move to land more top notch pitching.

Unfortunately, I think that they would need better-than-average pitching performances from their starters to even gets past the 1st round.

PH8 July 20, 2011

When Wainer comes back for October, they’ll be in good shape. 😉

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