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For those of you not aware, Fox Sports Midwest has hosted live blogs/chats during many Cardinal games this season, in conjunction with their television broadcasts.

The Fox Sports team and Brian Walton from The Cardinal Nation/ moderate the chats and do a great job.

Join the discussion with the Fox folks and other Cardinal fans right now!


Some links for you too

Jerry Crasnick at says that the Matt Holliday trade was the best in MLB at the trade deadline.  Duh.

Sarah Millar at has the Cardinals atop her power rankings.

The Cardinals will help the Twins open their new ballpark, Target Field, with an exhibition series to close out the spring next season.  Bring your parkas.

Finally, Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times has posted a “Mindset List” for baseball fans.  He lists things that today’s growing generation of baseball fans are used to or know to be true.  Fascinating.

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Jim September 16, 2009

The St. louis Cardinals have zero chance in the play-offs, because the terrible FOX broadcasting crew. Al and Dan should be selling girl scout cookies. Every time their stats are mentioned, tragedy comes. There has not been good baseball broadcasting since Pee Wee and Dizzy. Who really cares about the past? FOX is a jinx.

PH8 September 16, 2009

Not a fan of Jack Buck while he was around the Cardinals? 🙂

Jim September 16, 2009

Every time the announcers tell a fact” Ozzie never in his life hit a homer left handed–bang he did” Who cares about previous stats? Carpenter will get the Cy Young—he folds—broadcast the game, not June’s stats!!! These [edited] announcers are jinxing the whole season! Jimmac

PH8 September 16, 2009

Bah, it’s what they get paid to do. Could be worse, just wait until Ricky Horton is doing color full-time next season after Hrabosky doesn’t get resigned.

Dana Betine September 16, 2009

As a avid Cardinal fan, I am becoming uneasy as the Cubs are winning and the Cardinals are not playing the type of baseball that we have become accustomed to for the last few months. Although they have an 8 1/2 game lead over the Cubs, how can we be talking playoffs, isn’t there an outside chance, the Cardinals could blow this whole thing and not make it to the playoffs at all? What are the chances of that happening? I am afraid that could happen.

PH8 September 16, 2009

Doesn’t take many hits here and there to right the ship. I’d rather they slump a bit now than in October.

The odds are severely stacked against the Cubs to come back, but stranger things have happened.

PH8 September 16, 2009

Goodness, this thread got popular today for some reason…

Thanks for reading folks, but check out the rest of the site, not just whining about Fox! 🙂

Jean July 16, 2010

This may sound dumb, but what is “Tommy John Surgery”? I know it is an injury usually, usually the pitcher’s elbow?

PH8 July 17, 2010

Yes, a ligament in the elbow is replaced with a tendon from elsewhere in the body.

It’s called “Tommy John surgery” because Tommy was the first one to have it done, when it was an experimental procedure that would either allow him to continue to pitch or his career would be over either way.

Jim July 17, 2010

Did I miss something? John Smoltz brought the whole team’s morale up 200% last year. We passed him by 2010. Is he still in baseball, other than broadcasting???? Time to think about August hey John??

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