Cardinals need a Holliday

by on November 10, 2008 · 7 comments

Ed. Note: My apologies to PH8 contributor StLCards, who put this post up a few days ago, and I didn’t even realize it was here.  Please read below.


Last week amidst all the Jake Peavy rumblings I came across a headline that basically indicated the Rockies were now ready to accept less for Holliday. I instantly started writing a post, but unfortunately by the end of a busy work day that post was left unfinished, so I will start anew.

Today I see many headlines indicating a few things, among them that Peavy is almost certainly going to be moved “The train has kind of left the station”, that Manny is still in play, that Cashman is pursuing pitching, that CC is still available, etc. The teams with the big money, ie Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, Angels, seem to be pursuing pitching. I’m not sure what the Red Sox are doing right now, although they seem to be pursuing pitching as well in Lowe and japan free agent Junichi Tazawa. What this says to me is, STRIKE NOW for Holliday!

The Rockies want to trade Holliday, Atkins, and Fuentes. That would actually make a nice trio to add if you think about, although the key is to for sure get Holliday. Holliday only has 1 year so we would need to make sure he really wants to stay a Cardinal and get him signed to a quick extension. He would provide an everyday left fielder (Duncan would strictly back up Pujols and be a pinch hitter), provide the much needed protection for Pujols, and would be a huge draw for fans. I’ve dreamed of the day when the Cardinals had a 1-2 punch like that.

Taking a look at the other two Fuentes needs no explanation. Atkins on the other hand, well, we move the versatile Glaus to SS and put Atkins at 3rd. We then sign Orlando Hudson to play 2nd, or how about forgetting infield speed althogether and signing veteran Jeff Kent? How about a lineup of Schumaker, Rasmus, Pujols, Holliday, Glaus, Molina, Kent, Pitcher, Atkins? Wow, do I ever like the sound of that. Kent isn’t an everyday player and Glaus could use some time off as well, so it gives lots of playing time for whichever MI are left. Ludwick and Ankiel and Duncan or whoever else could be traded away. That could be too much money but if they could get something along those lines I’d be very happy. We still have Lopez that can play a variety of positions so Atkins isn’t a requirement to get, and either a power hitting 2B or speed 2B could work. Lots of possibilities once we add Holliday.

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