Cardinals Decide to “Skip” TheRiot

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TheRiot and his lightsaber

Ryan Theriot has been non-tendered.  In non-baseball language, that means he wasn’t invited to play in the same sandbox next year.  I plan on wearing a pair of jorts at the home opener in his honor.  It’s not that he wasn’t good, either.  It’s just that his ability to catch and throw the round thing on the field offset his ability to slap that same round thing with a wooden implement.  I just can’t get sad about the fact he has been let go.  Besides, there is more important news today.

Sources are indicating that the Cardinals have come to terms with Skip Schumaker, although the details of the 2 year contract have not yet been announced.  I fully realize that not all Cardinal fans like Skip while some are huge Schumaker fans.  I’m not exactly running out to join his fan club, but I have no issues with the team signing him for another 2 years.  He’s worth it.  Consider the following: 

  • Skip will only be signed through his age 33 season.  Just consider some of the available free agents who can play 2B: Andres Blanco (28), Orlando Cabrera (37), Alex Cora (36), Craig Counsell (41), Bill Hall (32), Jeff Keppinger (32), Felipe Lopez (doesn’t matter), Jose Lopez (28), Aaron Miles (35), Nick Punto (34), and Wil Rhymes (29).  Considering the position flexibility he provides as a 2B/OF combo player, I think I’d take him over most of the other free agents.
  • The Cardinals avoid Skip’s last arbitration eligible year.
  • If the deal is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 years for $5.6M, then the team won’t be paying much more than the $2.75M they paid him for 2011.
  • He’s a really solid guy in RF, and his presence helps the Cardinals avoid some worries at that position.  Until Allen Craig is 100% and can be an everyday outfielder, Skip is a nice option to have.  After Craig is 100% healthy, Schumaker is a really good 4th outfielder.
  • Skip also adds on to the depth chart at 2B.  If Freese needs a day off, Descalso can play 3B, and Skip can play 2B. 
  • Although his numbers have been slightly down the last 2 seasons, he’s still a .290 career hitter with a .346 OBP.  The Cardinals could do worse, especially when you think of Skip as mostly a super-sub.
  • He’s “scrappy”.
  • This gives Skip 2 more years to work on perfecting the head first slide at 1st base. 
  • There is always a chance that Skip will take the mound and lower his career 18.00 ERA, although it’s likely that his 18.0 strikeouts-to-walk ratio will come down a tad.

TIDBIT:  I feel confident stating that some team will sign Ryan Theriot.  There is always a demand for guys who can completely offset their offense with their defense (0.0 WAR in 2011). 

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Josh December 13, 2011

Only question with bringing Skip back is why the team spent a roster spot on a guy who hasn’t appeared above AA to be the extra outfielder.

Of course insurance never hurts, and Matheny knows what he can and can’t get out of Schumaker. Guess we have to break the bad news to Nick that this all but ends any hope of a Punto XMas present.

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