[Redbird Reveille] Lohse’s knee, 25 cent drinks, and a new site(?)

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Cardinal fans, pray for good results from the MRI done on Kyle Lohse’s right knee yesterday.  What looked like an innocent tweak of the ankle and a stubborn starter trying to finish five and get the win quickly turned into another waiting and wishing game for Cardinal fans.

Where do they go if Lohse winds up on the shelf for any period of time?

PJ Walters didn’t do himself any favors yesterday.  With all due respect, I’m not holding my breath for a magnificent start out of Mitchell Boggs on Saturday.  Chris Carpenter’s return isn’t anywhere on the horizon.  Paul ByrdPedro Martinez?

Do something bold, Mo.  Show Cardinal fans early on that the team is emboldened by the strong start, and committed to winning now.  Make an early move for Cliff Lee.


So if Cardinal fans get $0.25 drinks at On The Run when the ‘Birds score six runs in a game, does that mean they can get two drinks for $0.50 today, after yesterday afternoon’s 12-run offensive explosion?


Derrick Goold had a great 10@10 post up over at Bird Land today.

Discusses Albert Pujols’ place in Cardinal history, candy bars, a great quote from Lohse, and a link to some folks that are very impressed with Dick Ankiel’s mustache.

Check it out.


Leave it to the manager to switch things up.

Obviously this isn’t breaking news to Cardinal fans, but Tony LaRussa has only utilized the pitcher eighth lineup once this season.

This departure from last season has led to some undue stress around Pitchers Hit Eighth headquarters, and more than one question about whether we’re sticking with it, despite Tony thumbing his nose at us.

The short answer is YES!  LaRussa can’t bring us down.

On that note, I leave you with another Goold Bird Land post, extolling the virtues of the pitcher batting in the eight slot.

Yeah, I know, it also mentions that LaRussa does it when he thinks he needs his lineup to score more runs, certainly not an issue so far with this season’s club.

I’m still not changing the site’s name.

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Charlie April 24, 2009

You’ve got to keep pitchershiteighth.com on principal alone. TLR is batting pitchers ninth just to show you “who’s in charge”! 🙂

PHE April 24, 2009

Thanks for the support Charlie!

We’re not changing our site, and I guess based upon their output so far, it’s probably not a good idea for Tony to change the lineup either!

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