[Redbird Reveille] Todd Wellemeyer, Brian Barden, Dennys Reyes

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What an outing by Todd Wellemeyer last night.  Efficient, only 87 pitches through seven innings of work.  He scattered some hits, but only allowed one run – and most importantly – only one walk.  Gotta make Dave Duncan happy.

This Cardinal staff is leading the National League in fewest walks allowed.


Brian Barden got a little revenge against the organization that let him walk last night, hitting the home run that would prove the game winner.

The home run was a bit surprising out of Barden, obviously, but not terribly unexpected, given the unlikely heroes of the Cardinals’ 6-2 start to this season.

The thing that most struck me was Barden’s interview with John Rooney following the game, when Barden was named player of the game.  Rooney congratulated Barden on the home run and being selected player of the game, and before launching into how it felt coming off of the bat, and how he just wants to get more at-bats, etc – Barden said “thank you” to Rooney.

I bring this up because I feel like it’s an oft-overlooked courtesy by sports figures across the board.  An interview starts off with “Wow, LeBron James, you had a fantastic game tonight and your performance has been truly dominant,” and the immediate response is “well, yeah, you know, it’s been a tough season but I’ve been awesome.”  Or something along those lines.  No one ever says “thank you” for being paid a compliment in a post-game interview, at least from my perspective.  Perhaps I have selective hearing.

Kudos either way, Brian Barden.


Ryan Franklin got his first save of the season last night in his first appearance in a save situation.  Anyone surprised?  Anyone holding their breath for three outs late last night?  Me too.

Mike Shannon’s call of Tony Clark’s at-bat to end the game was about enough to make me puke though.

Mike, please just call a routine fly ball a fly ball.  There’s enough drama with the Cardinal bullpen without the addition of your flair.


I officially love the MLB.com At Bat 2009 app for my iPhone.  One of the best parts about it is that they don’t cut off the audio immediately following the last out, like MLB.com’s internet version.  I got to hear all of the post-game chatter from John and Mike last night.  If you have an iPhone and haven’t checked this app out yet, it’s well worth the $9.99.


Mark my words, the Dennys Reyes signing will go down as the most important off-season acquisition.  Just like Kyle Lohse being signed late last season and making a huge contribution, Reyes is going to have (and arguably already has had) a monster impact on this team.  It’s no coincidence he already has twice the appearances of Trever Miller.

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Cardinal70 April 14, 2009

I’ve noticed Reyes getting more work than Miller and, honestly, I’m all for it so far. Miller’s spring work and early season start haven’t filled me full of confidence, though I’d obviously rather him than Villone or Flores.

PHE April 14, 2009

Reyes has made good, efficient appearances. Miller, well, best I can say for him so far (with an obviously small sample size) is that I like him as a second left-handed option, particularly compared to last season’s bunch.

BrewCards April 15, 2009

I sure wasn’t clamoring for Dennys Reyes this off season. I remember him being not so good in Cincy, but so far, so good for the Cards.

PHE April 15, 2009

You know, I didn’t realize how good he had been with the Twins in the previous three seasons.

Color me satisfied so far…

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