What I would love to see from the Cardinals tonight

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I realize tonight’s lineup has probably already been posted somewhere.  Here’s what I think it should be regardless:

LF Skip Schumaker
RF Ryan Ludwick
DH Albert Pujols (no sense pushing him hard when there is DH available)
CF Rick Ankiel
3B Troy Glaus
1B Chris Duncan (despite his current uselessness at the plate, he’s the best 1B option outside of Pujols)
C Yadier Molina
2B Adam Kennedy
SS Brendan Ryan

I could take or leave an exchange of Kennedy and Aaron Miles at second base.  Both are hitting pretty well right now.

I think that is the lineup that gives us the best chance to win against a right-handed starting pitcher.  Make it happen Tony.

Here’s hoping rookie Mitchell Boggs continues to see outstanding run support.  Don’t let Ron Villone pitch to righties.  Just for the hell of it, why not let Jason Isringhausen try to close a game again?

Tony, I’m glaring at you.  I know you think you’re the smartest man on the face of the planet, but what this team needs right now is to be given the best chance to win.  I don’t care if a reliever pitched two innings yesterday, he’s a professional.  If he’s your best option to get two or three hitters out tonight, USE HIM.

Oh yeah, and how ’bout scoring some runs boys?

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