Adventures of a Traveling Cardinals Fan

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Occasionally real life (read: day job) takes me to various cities (read: airports) across the country, and this Tuesday and Wednesday past happened to be one of those occasions.

Thankfully for my baseball habit, the same subscription that I depend on to watch the Cards at home travels with me – on laptop and iPhone. With the increase of available in-flight wi-fi, keeping up with the Redbirds is easier than ever, right?

So I thought…


6ish am CT: Depart Chicago, headed for many frequent flyer miles and more connections than I’d like.

Sometime after 5 pm CT: Things begin to fall my way, as I’m able to catch an earlier flight out of this “Royal” city toward my connection toward my final destination for the evening.

Shortly after 7 pm CT: I find “Twin” good fortunes in another early flight out of my connecting city and in-flight wi-fi – I’ll be able to watch the Cards!

At 10,000 feet…: “Excuse me ma’am, the wi-fi doesn’t seem to be working…” Dangit.

Approximately 10 pm PT: Finally sitting down at the hotel bar to MLB results results on my phone — what the Figgins happened to the Cards?! 18-4? Aaron Miles pitched? Boy am I glad the wi-fi was broken…


11 am PT: Back at the airport, and early again, one remaining connection through the “Target” city stands between me and home. Too bad the Cards don’t play an afternoon game.

7:15 pm CT: I’m still early according to my original itinerary, but now a certain birthday boy is gumming up the works in Chicago. DELAY. No matter, I catch the first inning on the phone and watch the Cards go up early.

8ish pm CT: I learn of the Chris Johnson and Albert Pujols home runs just before takeoff. Wheels up with a lead. I dig it.

9:30 pm CT: Touchdown. Check in with the family, then check in with the Cardinals. Despite that drama lover Ryan Franklin, the ‘Birds manage it out. A good end to the day.

I’m not sure what possessed me to write this, much less expect you all to read it – but if you made it this far, thanks for indulging me.

In summary, it was a successful (and really lucky) trip for me travel-wise, and a disappointing split for the Cards.

Here’s to hoping the wi-fi only works for Cardinal winners…

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