2013 UCB Progressive Game Blog – Cards vs Brewers – Third Inning

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Pitchers Hit Eighth has the distinct honor of calling the third inning action in the United Cardinal Bloggers’ 2013 Progressive Game Blog.  If you’ve not seen one of these things before, here is the gist of it, from the UCB site:

If you’ve never read one of our Progressive Game Blogs before, you are in for a treat.  The PGB is a unique way to look at a game–you’ll not find anything like it elsewhere–and is always a lot of fun.  Nine blogs will each analyze a different inning, linking to each other in a seamless line.  When you are done, you’ll have read a number of points of view and seen the one game through many different eyes.

We pick up the action in the top of the third inning, with the Cardinals leading the Brewers 3-2.

Top of Third (Cardinals batting versus Yovani Gallardo)

Matt Carpenter

One of the Cards showing the most patience at the plate this season, Matty Carp conversely quickly lines out to center field on a 0-1 pitch.

Carlos Beltran

Fox broadcast talking to Kyle Lohse about facing the Cardinals again.  Lohse wistful about winning a World Series, Cardinals “not wanting anything to do with (him)” coming off of the year he had.  Meanwhile, Beltran runs the count to 3-1 before taking a fastball for strike two.  Full count tapper back to Gallardo makes for the second out.  Lohse has an outstanding golf handicap.

Matt Holliday

Holliday shows Lohse what a real golf swing looks like for strike one.  Gallardo loses an 0-2 pitch up around Holliday’s noggin.  A 1-2 fastball that likely should’ve rung Holliday up is called inside, Lohse thought it was a strike.  Ground ball to shortstop Jean Segura ends the inning quite innocently.

What seemed like a great inning for the Cardinals to continue to batter Milwaukee starter Gallardo (the Cardinals have straight OWNED Yo in recent seasons) falls by the wayside with little to show from the top three in the Cards’ lineup.

Bottom of Third (Brewers batting versus Adam Wainwright)

Ryan Braun

First pitch swinging, Braun almost kills Wainwright with a broken bat, ground ball to Allen Craig ranging to his right, Waino barely beats Braun to the bag for the first out.

Yuniesky Betancourt

I would just like to take this opportunity to make it clear to everyone reading that Yuni Betancourt is batting clean up for the Brewers.  That is not a typo.  Betancourt lifts a 1-1 pitch to center field, the home crowd gets excited, and it is a routine F8.

Rickie Weeks

Weeks lines a 0-1 pitch into left field, causing Matt Holliday to dance around a bit before finally charging on to make the catch.

Uneventful inning for Wainwright as well, with very few pitches.  A welcome sight.


Well folks, sorry there wasn’t much to see here for our third inning.  To catch the rest of the action, check out the following sites for their inning recaps for the UCB Progressive Game Blog!

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