Re-reviewing Mitchell Boggs’ Mechanics (they seem bad)

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[ED. note – I am not a pro-fesh-un-ul scout nor do I pretend to be one.  I am far from qualified to be giving advice to big-league pitchers.  That said, here are some things I would consider, were I in a position to communicate things to the staff in charge of said advice and/or improvement amongst Major League Baseball Cardinals.]

In the spring of 2012, Pitchers Hit Eighth completed a pretty thorough (at least we’d like to claim so) review of the hot new middle relief band Mitchell Boggs and the Consistent Delivery.

Boggs had adopted a more over-the-top approach, noticeably.

Mitchell Boggs sometime 2011:


Keeping in mind that Boggs’ 2011 had some, well, ups and downs, let’s take another look at his 2012 delivery:


As noted in the previous post reviewing these approaches from Boggs

You can see a less-pronounced angle in his front (drive) leg toward the first-base line, far less (and seriously, watching this live he looks like he’s standing up on his front leg) hinge at the waist, and the arm angle is much higher.

Having looked at this closely last spring, I obviously had to go to the tape this season to see where Boggs is winding up at release.

I’m still no scout or pitching coach, but look at this release:

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.27.39 PM

I see a lot more of 2011 Mitchell Boggs in this frame than 2012.  To wit:

  1. Falling off to the first base side (even more!) again.
  2. Left shoulder falling out of delivery more than even the 2011 release.
  3. Drive leg back into compromised angle instead of driving over top of it.
  4. Arm slot back into three-quarter release instead of coming over top.

Tell me I’m crazy (please!), because these are the sorts of things that keep me up at night thinking bad bullpen thoughts.  Tell me Mitchell Boggs found some foul talisman under his in-season mattress that removal of said foul item will restore order to the Cardinal bullpen (how’s that for a reach? you still with me, loyal four?).

I’m no expert.  I see things that interest me.  Mitchell Boggs had a tough go in 2011 with a three-quarter release and falling toward first base.  Boggs’ 2012 was successful when he “stood up” on his release and came at hitters over the top.  2013 (at least from the video I can poach from shows Boggs maybe falling back into three-quarter fall-out…


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