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Have you ever wanted a personalized message from a big-league ballplayer?  From one who plays for the Cardinals, at that?

Nevermind asking a Cardinal to write a treatise to how cool you are on their latest baseball card or a fresh horsehide from the team store – now you can get a personalized voice message from them!

Enter – a cool new venture aimed at further connecting ballplayers with their fans by sending an autographed image with a personalized voice message for the recipient.  Not only is it ballplayers now, the egraphs folks have also added NBA egraphs if that’s your cup of tea.

How does it work, you ask?  From “Inside an egraph” at

What is an egraph?

An egraph is a shared moment between you and your favorite star. It is immortalized forever with a beautiful high resolution photograph, handwritten note, signature, and personalized voice message. It’s their voice, their handwriting, their time — every egraph is one-of-a-kind.

Still not sure exactly what we’re talking about here?  Check out a sample from Matt Carpenter after the jump…

Technology is always creating cool new ways for folks to interact, across different lives, different geography, etc – and this is another.  Several Cardinal players (and one former Cardinal) have signed up: Matt Carpenter, Jason Motte, Jon Jay, Daniel Descalso, Shane Robinson, and Mark Mulder.

Thanks to the generosity of the kind folks at egraphs, we have a few of these things to give away.  DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?  Good.

Here’s the gag:  tell us your favorite on-field moment involving one of the above-mentioned players.

We’ll choose three winners from the stories posted in the comments below.  We won’t necessarily pick one for each player, this is totally subjective, and the more vivid your memory or story the better.

Post your story in the comments below by this Friday at 5:00pm CT and we’ll choose three winners then, to be put in touch directly with the egraphs folks to redeem your prize – one egraph from the Cardinal of your choice.

Good luck, and thanks to the folks at!

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Jay Sherman February 19, 2013

My favorite on field moment with Jason Motte is an easy one. The final pitch of the 2011 World Series. Results in a deep fly to Craig, with Motte nothing is easy.

Joanne Lui February 20, 2013

I think my favorite moment with Motte has to be the last out of the NLDS in 2012. I know that may be odd, considering how things ended for us, but it was such a memorable night for me. Partway through the game, when we were so behind, I was down enough that I agreed to go out to dinner with friends at an Indian restaurant and finish watching the game at the bar there. I was feeling pretty disappointed. I live out in California, and I had been hoping so hard that the Cards would win, selfishly, so that they would come to San Francisco and I could see my very first Cards playoff game live. I should have known better than to give up! I got more and more excited as the innings passed. The poor bartenders and customers at this quiet Indian restaurant were so confused about this crazy girl cheering for a game that no one else in California probably cared about. Then Motte gave up that run in the 8th, and it began to feel like maybe the magic had run out. But we all know what happened after that. And two moments stand out in my mind about the ninth. Motte coming up and batting for himself in the top of the 9th being one of course. It didn’t matter that he struck out. I just laughed. He looked so surprising up there! And then when he came back to pitch in the bottom of the 9th, I remember whispering, “All of Cardinal nation is with you, Jason!” And you just knew he had it. He wasn’t going to give up anymore runs. One, two, three and that was it. Over and done. Tony Cruz was running at Motte, and the team was mobbing them. I’m pretty sure half the people in the Indian restaurant looked at me when I let out an ear-splitting scream. I turned to my friend and yelled, “We’re going to San Francisco!!!” The bartender actually came over to congratulate me and joked that I should buy everyone a round of shots. I got on my phone and bought play-off tickets on StubHub instead. 🙂

oates03 February 20, 2013

RE: Matt Carpenter: favorite on-field moment involving one of the above-mentioned players

March 17, 2011 Roger Dean Stadium Cardinals v Marlins

Matt Carpenter AB appearances. I had not heard about Matt. My son (11yrs old) and I were at that game in Jupiter Florida. We were sitting 4 rows up from third base.

This man was just amazing at the plate and on the bases. You could tell he was young, but he had confidence on the field. He was energetic and he was fun to watch.

So what is the moment. The moment is the experience of being able to see this man, play baseball and putting in 110%. You (that is me), could see that he wanted and deserved to play in the ‘bigs’.

I look back at my trip to Spring Training 2011 and Matt Carpenter was one of the highlights. As a result, I am going this year and hope to see if him again in the same setting and relive the excitement of finding someone new to support coming up through the farm system.

My hat is tipped to Mr. Carpenter. (Matt Carpenter, that is).

Nick March 25, 2013

Has the suspense been built up long enough?

We have three great stories, three winners. Expect an e-mail shortly for how to claim your prize.

Thanks for reading!

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