Mariners Extend King Felix, Wainwright Dances

by on February 7, 2013 · 3 comments

USA Today Sports has reported that the Mariners have been somehow leveraged into a 7 year, $175M contract extension for Felix Hernandez, because you can never pay too much to be a solid 4th place ahead of the Astros.  Granted, that shouldn’t be viewed as the floor for an Adam Wainwright extension, but even seeing it as a glass ceiling means potential sticker shock for some in the #SignWaino movement.

  • Pitcher A – 80-48 record, 3.15 ERA, 130 ERA+, 1.211 WHIP, 7.6 SO/9, 3.02 SO/BB
  • Pitcher B – 98-76 record, 3.22 ERA, 127 ERA+, 1.212 WHIP, 8.7 SO/9, 3.10 SO/ BB

Pitcher A is Wainwright, and Pitcher B just signed a $175M extension.  If B is worth $25M per year until through his early 30’s, then what is A worth for at least 3-4 years?

$25M per year.

Maybe.  It would be surprising to see the Cardinals go that high, and it would certainly be next to impossible to justify a 7 year deal for Wainwright.  Then again, the market for top tier pitchers isn’t exactly a large one, and the loss of Chris Carpenter to injury makes Adam Wainwright even more important as both the ace of an inexperienced staff and a locker room mainstay.

Given the likelihood that teams will continue to hand out ludicrous, long term contracts it makes some sense to lock down Waino for 5+ years while securing a slight discount versus future market prices.  The approach has worked well.  Why shouldn’t it work for King Adam?

See also: 2-0, 2.48 ERA, 1.010 WHIP, 7.4 H/9, and 11.6 SO/9 in 32.2 playoff innings.

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