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I expected to have more time to process the end of the Cardinals season – to savor it, if you will.  But between the abrupt collapse of the hometown club in the NLCS and the quick work the Giants made of the Tigers in the World Series – all of a sudden baseball is totally over for 2012, not just for the Cardinals, and I still haven’t fully processed my thoughts and feelings about the Cards’ demise.

I’ve come to sum those feelings up in a split personality sort of manner.  Allow me to introduce you to the Jekyll-ian Dr. PH8 and the Hyde-ian Mr. HOW COULD YOU LOSE A 3-1 LEAD and their “rationalization” of how the Cardinals departed the 2012 season.



Really, how much can Cardinals fans complain?  2011 was a miracle season.  Think about the Astros fans!

Yeah, 2011 was great.  But teams only get so many chances to *get* to the World Series.

So what you’re saying is that it is incredibly difficult to get to back to back World Series.

That is correct.  And the Cardinals only needed to win one more stinking game to do it.  One game.

The Giants won seven games in a row, hardly pushovers.

They lost three of four before that.  They were beatable.  One game.

The Giants got hot, the Cards went cold, tough break.

Cold and several self-inflicted wounds in the feet.

Couldn’t expect Pete Kozma to be Superman forever.

He could’ve at least caught routine ground balls.

But the Cardinals wouldn’t have been in the NLCS without Koz’.

Damn Hunter Pence.  Damn him and his stupid broken bat.

Marco Scutaro was seeing pitches as big as beach balls.


Well, he…


I’m just saying…

Poor little Marco Scutaro will be able to cushion his hip with his new millions this winter.

Also, the Giants’ pitchers really neutralized the Cards’ big bats.

Yes, because Barry Zito is unbeatable.

Hard to get great contact when their hitting corners well.


At least they didn’t swing at every first pitch?

The Cardinals should have a chance to get to the World Series in 2013.

In theory, they will have to win approximately 97 more games to do that.  This year they needed 1.

How exciting are the Cardinals’ young pitchers going to be in 2013?

How exciting would it have been for Carlos Beltran to hoist the World Series trophy in 2012?

You’re bitter and spoiled.


And greedy.

You are not insulting me.

These two could likely go on forever and ever, but I think you get the gist.

Yeah, the Cardinals achieved a lot in 2012.  Yes, many other teams (and their fans) would trade body parts very near and dear to them to experience a similar season and call it a great success.  No doubt, 2012 was a successful season for the Cardinals.

But I’ve still got a bad taste in my mouth about it.  So close.  One game.  Baseball is a simple game – you score more runs than your opponent and go home happy.  Fewer, and you’re golfing.  The Cardinals were one game from making sure Brian Wilson was doing his stupid dances on the 13th green.

My name is Nick, and I’m a spoiled and greedy Cardinals fan.  I’m really looking forward to 2013.

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NationalPastime October 31, 2012

The season as a whole was a complete Dud. I refuse to put a positive spin on this. We aren’t the Cubs or Padres. Our standards should be at an all time high. Just getting by and making the playoffs should never be good enough for the organization and fans. I hope the young Cardinals are as bitter and hungry as we are for next year and beyond.

PH8 October 31, 2012

The Cardinals are certainly not the Cubs, nor the Padres. I must be getting soft in my old age, but the sheer number of teams in the playoffs make it more difficult than ever to get to the World Series. The 2011 ‘Birds are a perfect example of this, and that was *before* two more teams entered the mix.

I’m with you all the way, other than obviously being a bit more of a softie.

Thanks for reading.

Zach November 1, 2012

I think the cardinals are capable of going to the WS next year. I agree with moving Carpenter to second base just ecause of his bat. If we had him at second and furcal returning to fill SS, we will
not have an easy out in the lineup (kozma descalso) besides P.

I think we should go after haren or shields since carp is getting old and Garcia and Westbrook in my eyes are not consistent.

PH8 November 3, 2012

Absolutely they are capable Zach. There’s reason to believe the ’13 Cards could be better than the ’12 iteration, which was better than the ’11 team.

Haren will likely be too pricey for the Cards trade aspirations, probably Shields too – the organization has managed to stockpile a ton of young arms ready to show out.

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