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Imagine Facebook minus all the extraneous crap that most people don’t have time to use, kick, or farm.  Then imagine that the slimmed down version of Facebook is solely dedicated to a unique, personalized social networking experience, and you don’t have to worry about security or privacy issues.  Think of it as a combination of the best parts of Twitter, Foursquare, and GetGlue without the 140 character limit, silly mayoral designations, and multiple titles for the same show.  Sound good?  Yes?  Yes.


I know it makes you immediately think of small explosives and burnt s’mores, but hold those thoughts for just a moment.  Bonfyre is a FREE app available for both iPhone and Android which gives you access to more than Google Circles could ever provide.  If you use Twitter and enjoy live-tweeting events with some of your favorite tweeps, then Bonfyre is just the thing for you.

In the Bonfyre lexicon, “Bonfyres” are basically private groups that you or someone you may know creates to share memories of an event.  Throw in the live chat ability and photosharing, and you can grow the experience to include everyone you know at the event and living the event vicariously through you.  You can chat with others at the private bonfyre, and nobody else outside that bonfyre group can see what you are saying.  It’s giving you a platform to share and be social like Twitter.  What makes it better is that your photostream and bonfyre content remain private, so only invitation-only members can access that content.  Go to a game and act a fool on the dance cam?  Feel free to post a pic in the bonfyre which your co-workers won’t see (unless you unwittingly or dimwittingly invited them).

Bonfyre provides a certain veil of privacy while making it very easy to work your social network.  It also doesn’t preclude using all of the other social networking platforms that you use.  It’s just better at allowing you to focus on a single event – whether that be planning a bachelorette party, a barbecue, or an actual bonfire with actual explosives.

I can be more specific.  Let’s say that you are a huge baseball fan and like to read a blog about 8 pound burritos.  Nothing wrong with that.  Let’s also say that you like to interact with people on Twitter during certain games (*cough* NLCS *cough*).  That’s great, but then everybody who follows you gets subjected to your fawning over Pete Kozma.  Why not start a “Pete Kozma” bonfyre?  Invite 10-12 of your favorite Twitter followers to join you in that private group?  You can still tweet all you like, but maybe a few (or a few hundred) things that run through your head should only be seen by few select people.  That’s the beauty of the bonfyre, and trust me I know about subjecting people to stuff on Twitter.  I’m horrible about forgetting my audience at times.  That’s why I’ll be using Bonfyre during all of NLCS game 4 in St. Louis to comment in real-time about the game and the environment at Busch Stadium.  Interested in joining me?

Click here.

Better yet, click here as well and learn about some of the prizes you will be automatically entered once you sign up.

As a reminder to those of you who just skimmed the first couple paragraphs -> Bonfyre is completely FREE!  That’s like nothing or something.

But wait, there’s more!!!

Act now, and you can get…. I have no idea.  I just always wanted to throw a cheesy sales pitch into a blog.  Success.

Actually, I will sweeten the deal.  Download the Bonfyre app and find me in the virtual Bonfyre world, and you will be entered to win a random drawing that is random.  Since we don’t typically do awesome prizes, I’ll probably just make you choose from the regular PH8 swag pile of tshirts and used tires.

Follow gr33nazn on Twitter for more about the Bonfyre and real-time updates from NLCS Game 4!

Actually, I’ll be lighting up the Bonfyre tonight during NLCS Game 2, so feel FREE to join me.

Bonfyre sneak peek…

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