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A tree grows in….St Louis?

During the recent UCB Weekend in St. Louis, several of us in attendance had an opportunity to sit through a rather well-honed elevator pitch from the folks at Burton History Trees.  I usually don’t listen to a lot of details about business plans, business models, and product design, because my actual job involves far too much of that as it is.  However, BHT caught my attention immediately with something shiny – the Burton History Tree for the St. Louis Cardinals franchise.

The tree (pictured above) contains all the names of every single player, owner, manager, coach, and broadcaster who has ever worked for the Cardinals.  That alone seemed pretty cool.  Then there was the attention to unique, subtle details.  According to the very clever legend or key that accompanies the tree, font selection denotes the person’s relationship with the Cardinals.  I checked very closely, and I did not see Victor Marte’s name in Comic Sans.

Font size denotes significance in terms of both games played or time spent with the team, and naturally the Hall of Famers on the tree get special treatment (see Ozzie Smith).  Good stuff.  Though it should be noted that the team at BHT seemed pretty savvy in terms of business skills and product knowledge, they were really confused by the belly laughing responses to their proposal that a group of bloggers help spread the word about this product.  That would require us to leave the comfort of our basements and …..oh, never mind.  I’m not kidding anybody here.  We’re totally going to spread the word from our basements.

Even better (for me anyway), you can use the discount code “DRL” to receive 10% off of your order from Burton History Trees.  That’s great, because I have no idea what the end price is, but I’m that way about Cardinals stuff.  You can slap a Cardinals sticker on a pile of grass clippings, tell me they come from Busch, and I’ll buy.  Seriously, 5% of the money you spend using this discount code finds its way to my pocket.  In turn, I am pledging to put every single penny into a contribution to charity (like Cardinals Care).  The discount code is valid through 12/31, so now you know what to get that Cardinal fan in your life who has almost everything – a tree.

Purchase your very own artist numbered tree by pre-ordering here.


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